Camp Itinerary


We have a great itinerary that will keep you entertained from the moment you wake up to the moment you hit the pillow at night. Surfing is why you signed up for this camp so thats why you will be surfing a morning and afternoon sessions. 


Day 1: Welcome!

  Campers will arriving to Costa Rica from all over the world. Once they arrive, they will be greeted by our Surf Instructors and Camp Director. After we pack our private shuttle, we will begin our journey down the coast to Playa Uvita.

We know that some of you have travelled from far to get to Costa Rica, so we will stop several times along the journey for food, bathroom breaks and photo opportunities. We got your Instagram accounts covered. 

Upon arrival, we will unpack, meet the rest of our surf crew, and have a delicious dinner as we debrief the upcoming week.


Day 2: Surfing Begins – Uvita Orientation

Today we will begin our day with an introduction to ocean safety while surfing, surf yoga and the location of our surf sessions.

Ocean safety is the most important aspect in surfing. Surfing is very demanding and takes place in an ever-changing, often unpredictable environment. With our debrief and proper knowledge and experience, surfing will be safe while at camp.

We will focus will place a special focus and emphasis on: weather, waves (size and shape), water currents, landscape features (such as rocks, cliffs, jetties, piers, etc.), other surfers, your board, and your swimming ability.

Yoga offers many benefits to the body and mind, that is why we choose to incorporate it into our daily camp routine. Daily yoga sessions help improve our surfing skills in the many different ways: increased flexibility, stronger core muscles, better breathing techniques, improved balance, increased stamina, greater mental focus, restored and revitalized energy.

Our surf camp will primarily take place on Playa Pedregosa, which is ideal for all surfing levels. On some days depending on tides and size of waves we will also be running our surf lessons on Playa Uvita and Playa Hermosa

Following our intro we will get going with our first surf lesson/session of camp! By 1:00pm, we will have had enough surfing for the first morning. We will get out of the water, stretch a little and head back to our accommodations for lunch and relaxation. In the afternoon, we will continue with more surf instruction and your first epic ‘pura vida’ sunset. 


Days 3-5

Morning and evening surf lessons with your surf instructor.

In between surf sessions, campers will be able to relax back at our lodge/hotel. We always recommend to stay out of the sun during the peak of the afternoon sun. Chilling will also be mixed in with spanish lessons, games, and other activities Costa Rican activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, yoga and more. 


Days 6-10

AM: Surf lesson with your surf instructor.
PM: #SunsetSurf with your surf instructor.


Day 11


Pickup LocationsImportant InfoDates and TimesPricingRegistration
Surf Lesson Daily
Dorm Accommodations
Breakfast and Dinner
Ground Transport
Professional Supervision
Other Excursions
Surf Camp
All Skill Levels
Ages 13-17
July 15- July 25 2017
$2649 CAD + Flights;




All travel arrangements and programming for this camp are organized by 2053720 Ontario Inc O/A Evolve Tours, a licensed tour operator which specializes in group travel for youth, TICO License # 50017336. Evolve Tours is fully insured and trains its staff specifically to operate travel programs. Other safety procedures are also in place. Evolve Camps is solely responsible for registration for this program. ur operator, TICO 50017336