Come learn to ski, hang out with some amazing instructors and meet some new friends! Join Evolve ASD today!
The Evolve ASD ski camp teaches youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder to learn to ski in a safe and supportive environment. The program is run in a group or individual setting depending on the needs of the skiers. Our lessons, meals and busing is fully supervised by professional support staff who have knowledge and tools to work with kids on the Autism Spectrum, children with mild to moderate learning, social and or emotional challenges such as ADHD, receptive and expressive language issues, developmental delays and anxiety. Evolve staff are trained to support children and in a group environment and able to meet children’s behavior needs.
Each participant will receive individualized instruction to support them in skill development. Instructors will focus on ski skills, independence, safety and skiing in control.


Program Details

At Evolve we make sure to support all our skiiers and provide the best teaching environment by using a small group ratio. Groups will consist of 3 skiers to 1 Certified CSIA ski instructor and 1 support staff.

The Evolve ASD program is integrated into the main Evolve Snow Camps program at Mount St.Louis Moonstone. The ASD program will eat lunch with the mainsteam program, participate in special events throughout the day and ride the bus as a group with the mainstream program.
Participants will meet with the director to discuss the needs of the participant and the director will work with families to make sure the ASD program is a good match and meets the participants needs. Before registering for the program please contact Amy Kirsh to discuss group or 1 to 1 lessons.
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Evolve focuses on integration and community.

The program runs a full day. Participants are bused up to Mt. St. Louis Moonstone on a chartered coach bus, equipped with a washroom. Evolve The day will consist of ski lessons in the morning; breaks when needed, lunch and supervised skiing in the afternoon.
Participants can purchase a hot lunch at Mount St.Louis Moonstone or bring their own.

Evolve ASD Program Director – Amy Kirsh

The director of the program Amy Kirsh  has been working with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum for over 15 years. She has an advanced diploma in Child and Youth Work from Centennial College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University. Amy provides behavior therapy, respite services, job coaching, life and social skill programming for children and adolescents. She supports community integration through outings and other activities, offering her clients opportunities to use their social skills. Amy is an avid skier who has been skiing for over 20 years

Who is the program for?

The program is intended to support individuals with ASD, ADHD, behavioural and communication challenges.

Evolve will also provide 1 to 1 support to participants where needed. Each participant will receive individualized instruction to support them in skill development. Instructors will focus on ski skills, safety most importantly skiing in control.

Support provided

We strive to meet the needs of each participant. Our certified ski instructors and support staff receive training on a variety of support and behaviour strategies to better work with youth with Autism.
We encourage parents to communicate with instructors and support staff about strategies to help your child be successful in the program. For example, visual schedules, first and then boards, token systems and social stories.

Program Criteria & EquipmenTt

For boy and girls ages 7+
Commitment to attend the 8-week program
Participants are required to come to the program with their gear. This includes:
Skis, Ski Boots and Polls (rentals available from Mount St.Louis Moonstone)
Ski jacket
Snow pants
Warm base layers
Proper ski socks
* Participants must be independent with their toileting skills