Waterloo Skatepark


Location: 100 Father David Bauer Dr., Across from the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. Accessible via the no.8 bus on Westmount Road, or the no.5 bus on Erb Street

Level of Difficulty: The Waterloo skatepark is perfect for our beginner, intermediate and advanced campers. You can see the accessibility in the design of the park which includes various stair sets, each complimented with handrails, hubba ledges, ‘cheat ramps’ and manual pads. There is also a set of oversized stairs / ledges and flatbank ramps that allow skaters and scooter rider to ride and flow.

Skatepark Features: The Waterloo Skatepark consists of 10,000 square feet of hybrid skatepark and urban plaza elements that encircle the center ‘volcano’ ramp / planter feature.

Evolve Camps Connection: Evolve Skate camps is proud to run a skateboard camp with the City of Waterloo every summer right at this location. During our Waterloo program, campers from all over the Waterloo and Kitcherner areas come to the park to learn from Ontarios best skateboard and scooter coaches. There is also a great facility next door where campers can swim or play other sports if its raining outside.

Media: http://www.waterloo.ca/en/gettingactive/daycamps.asp