Sunnyside BIKE PARK


Location: Sunnyside Bike Park is located at 3 Ellis Avenue , at Lakeshore Blvd West and Ellis  Avenue. The park entrance is on the east side of Ellis Ave.

Level of Difficulty: Sunnyside Bike Park is designed for riders from beginner to expert levels of riding. The log rides and pump tracks are great ways to begin learning skills for jumping as well as sets of table top jumps for intermediate and advanced riders.

Facility Features: There is a variety of elevated skinnies and log rides, a pump track along with a variety of different sized dirt jumps and a slanted wall ride.


Evolve Connection: Evolve Bike Camp uses Sunnyside Bike Park as one of it’s many locations. Our 2017 Bus Camp pick-up program runs for week of July 31th to August 4th, picking up campers at various locations every day and dropping them off at locations like Sunnyside for a day full of fun and learning.