Richmond Green Skate Park featured by Evolve Skate Camp.


Richmond Green Skate park is located just north of the city in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Richmond Green is a fan favourite amongst Evolve Campers and Staff due to its wide range of features. Skateboarding at Richmond Green is a treat because of the design of the skatepark. Evolve Skate Camp 905 Bus Camp heads to Richmond Green Skatepark once per session. Here’s some more information on what you can expect.

Richmond Green Skate park is also a great park for Scootering. Riders loves all the Hips and Spines!

Skatepark Location: Northwest corner of Richmond Green Park

Level of Difficulty : Ideal for all Levels of skaters, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert

Skatepark Features: Modular ramps, banks, stairs, ledges and rails, Mini ramp with spine and pump bumps

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