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The Evolve Surf Camp is geared towards youth ages 12 to 17. The program invites young surfers of all skill levels. Our camp is perfect for those who once took a lesson on their family vacation and fell in love with the sport. It’s also great for teens who have surfed a handful of times but need to learn in a smaller group to take their surfing to the next level would also benefit from our camp. In addition, there is room for advanced young surfers and are interested in a surfing adventure in Costa Rica.

Evolve offers our surfers a unique, exciting and engaging experience unlike any other teen surf camp whether they’re looking to have plain old fun in the ocean, step up their surf game, or continue to hone their skills as surfers. Join us at evolve surf camp in costa rica and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Our camp is for beginner to advanced surfers craving some adventure. With Evolve, you’ll be sure to dive into the fantastic Costa Rican culture.

All travel arrangements and programming for this camp are organized by 2053720 Ontario Inc O/A Evolve Tours, a licensed tour operator which specializes in group travel for youth, TICO License #50017336. Evolve Tours is fully insured and trains its staff specifically to operate travel programs. Other safety procedures are also in place. Evolve Camps is solely responsible for registration for this program.

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Evolve's Costa Rica Surf Camp

Evolve's Costa Rica Surf Camp

Not only will you improve your skills in surfing, but you’ll also live the adventurous Costa Rican lifestyle.

Evolve’s Costa Rica Surf Camp offers young surfers a unique, exciting and engaging experience. We cater to campers who are looking to step up their surf game, continue to hone their skills as surfers or start from the bottom and learn the sport.

Our program is designed for boys and girls aged 12-17 and welcomes all skill levels; even those who’ve only tried it once on vacation and fell in love! If you’re a more experienced young surfer, or even a very advanced one, you will no doubt have the adventure of a lifetime with us in Costa Rica.

Surf Camp Sample Schedule:
9:00 am
10:00 am
Surf Lessons / Coaching
1:00 pm
Lunch and/or Afternoon Activity
3:30 pm
Surf Lessons / Coaching
6:30 pm
Down Time, Relax, Yoga
7:30 pm
Dinner, Spanish, Yoga
10:30 pm
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  • Location

    Evolve’s Surf Camp is located in Costa Rica on one of the top surf beaches in the world, Playa Uvita. This town has a total ‘pura vida’ vibe and there are constant waves year round. We also provide easy access to other eco-adventure activities in Costa Rica. Overall, it creates the perfect setting for the Evolve Surf Camp.

  • Meals & Accommodation
    Meals & Accommodation

    Our campers are housed in dorm-style accommodations, just a short walk from the beach itself. Also included in the accommodations is the use of a private pool, a private kitchen and of course, a wireless internet connection.

    All meals will be served directly at our accommodations and/or in restaurants in the town. There will be plenty of food and it will be beyond delicious. Evolve Surf Camp also caters to all food allergies and dietary restrictions; just let us know!

  • Language Immersion
    Language Immersion

    Along with all of our other awesome programming, we also offer daily, hour-long, beginner and intermediate Spanish lessons to those that are interested. A language is hands down the best souvenir you can bring back from a trip.

  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts
    • Bring your camera and set your watch because the magnificent Costa Rican sun rises and sets at the same time each day – 365 days a year!
    • Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity even though its landmass only takes up .03% of the planets surface.
    • The average wage laborer earns about $10 per day; the highest in Central America.
    • Monkeys are one of the most common mammals in Costa Rica – next to bats. The four common species are the Howler, Spider, White-Faced and Squirrel.
    • Always looking for a new beach? Don’t worry, there is roughly 1300km of coastline in Costa Rica.

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Post-Surfing Activities

Post-Surfing Activities

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  •  Zip line adventure
    Zip line adventure

    Campers will enjoy thrilling views of the Pacific Ocean and of the forest from many different perspectives. The course is nearly a mile long, with eleven platforms, there is a range between five and thirty meters in the rainforest trees. There are two very long rides of, 300m (984 ft) and 500m (1640 ft) each.

  • Rafting

    Enjoy Rafting the Savegre River ON Class 3 rapids!

  • Snorkeling

    Swim with the fish, dolphins and more on our snorkeling excursion . You’ll explore some of the most stunning reefs this paradise has to offer.

  • Horseback riding on the beach
    Horseback riding on the beach

    Hop on a horse that will lead you through a trail to one spectacular post card view after another. You’ll get a glimpse at wildlife in its natural habitat.

  • Daily yoga for surfers
    Daily yoga for surfers

    Get your zen on each day as we provide daily yoga! The perfect way to clear your head, stretch and soak in the Pura Vida vibes.

  • Spanish Lessons
    Spanish Lessons

    Daily Spanish lessons are offered for those interested. It will cater to beginner and intermediate speakers. Instructional Spanish lessons will be 1 hour long and offered at our surf camp villa, although not all are required to attend.

  • Permaculture farm tour and workshop
    Permaculture farm tour and workshop

    Permaculture is a multidisciplinary study, set of principles and ethics that offer a guideline and methodology to conserve and regenerate natural systems, intentionally design human settlements and maximize efficiency and while using less energy. Campers will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of sustainable practices by learning from those in the field.

Surf Camp Itinerary

Surf Camp Itinerary

We have a great itinerary that will keep you entertained from the moment you wake up to the moment you hit the pillow at night. Surfing is why you signed up for this camp so that’s why you will be surfing a morning and afternoon sessions.

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  • Welcome!

    Campers will arriving to Costa Rica from all over the world. Once they arrive, they will be greeted by our Surf Instructors and Camp Director. After we pack our private shuttle, we will begin our journey down the coast to Playa Uvita.

    We know that some of you have travelled from far to get to Costa Rica, so we will stop several times along the journey for food, bathroom breaks and photo opportunities – we’ve got your Instagram accounts covered. Upon arrival, we will unpack, meet the rest of our surf crew, and have a delicious dinner as we debrief the upcoming week.

  • Orientation / Ocean Safety
    Orientation / Ocean Safety

    On Day 2, we will begin our day with an introduction to ocean safety while surfing, surf yoga and the location of our surf sessions. Ocean safety is the most important aspect in surfing. Surfing is very demanding and takes place in an ever-changing, often unpredictable environment. With our debrief and proper knowledge and experience, surfing will be safe while at camp. We will focus will place a special focus and emphasis on: weather, waves (size and shape), water currents, landscape features (such as rocks, cliffs, jetties, piers, etc.), other surfers, your board, and your swimming ability.

  • Surf Yoga
    Surf Yoga

    Yoga offers many benefits to the body and mind, that is why we choose to incorporate it into our daily camp routine. Daily yoga sessions help improve our surfing skills in the many different ways: increased flexibility, stronger core muscles, better breathing techniques, improved balance, increased stamina, greater mental focus, restored and revitalized energy. Our surf camp will primarily take place on Playa Pedregosa, which is ideal for all surfing levels. On some days depending on tides and size of waves we will also be running our surf lessons on Playa Uvita and Playa Hermosa

  • First Lesson!
    First Lesson!

    Following our intro we will get going with our first surf lesson/session of camp! By 1:00pm, we will have had enough surfing for the first morning. We will get out of the water, stretch a little and head back to our accommodations for lunch and relaxation. In the afternoon, we will continue with more surf instruction and your first epic ‘pura vida’ sunset.

  • Days 3-5:
    Days 3-5:

    Morning and evening surf lessons with your surf instructor. In between surf sessions, campers will be able to relax back at our lodge/hotel. We always recommend to stay out of the sun during the peak of the afternoon sun. Chilling will also be mixed in with Spanish lessons, games, and other activities Costa Rican activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, yoga and more.

  • Days 6-10:
    Days 6-10:

    AM: Surf lesson with your surf instructor.
    PM: #SunsetSurf with your surf instructor.

    On Day 11, we depart.

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Skill Levels

For beginners and intermediate surfers. This level will build on foundations and make surfers more comfortable paddling out past the break, learning how to read and catch easy waves.Beginner Intro Includes: A short history of surfing, Introduction to Surf gear, The local region geography / How to find the best spots and be safe, Learn about tides, currents and wavesAreas of Focus: Body position, how to paddle, sit and turn; Mastering the white water; Basic Techniques on the white water (first waves); Learn about the Take off; Take off practice on the white water; Turning your board on the white water; First approach on surfing unbroken waves
Enhancing what you already know as a surfer or work on previous beginner skills.Work on skills developed on your first couple of days; Improving your current paddling techniques; Understand the correct position in the line-up to surf the best wave; Understand rules of the line up; Learn more about the shape, size and direction of the wave; Practice paddling into the wave; Learn how to take-off on unbroken waves and master turning; Toe-side and back-side surfing; Trimming (how to get speed); Intro to advanced surfing techniques
Advanced surfers at the Evolve Teen Surf Camp should be able to catch waves, be super comfortable on the water and be able to turn.We will help advanced surfers practice the surfing line: trimming, bottom turn, top turn, and advanced tricks like tube ridding, cut back, off the lip and floater.
  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida

    The national saying in Costa Rica is ‘Pura vida’, which means ‘pure life’. This saying represents an all around feel good vibe. It’s also expressed as a greeting, a goodbye or simply if someone asks how you’re doing. We believe that our campers not only gain surfing skills, but the pura vida lifestyle which carries great values to apply to every day life back at home.

  • Safety

    Our number one priority is the safety of our campers. Our program is supervised at all times, whether we are on the water with our qualified surf instructors or outside the water at our villa, on a day excursion or during airport transfers. At all times our staff are present to ensure the safety and well being of our extended family. We have been working with youth groups around the world in all types of settings. From surf camps in Costa Rica, to skateboarding camps, to across the globe to adventure trips in Nepal. We got safety covered.

  • Evolve's Instructors & Supervisors
    Evolve's Instructors & Supervisors

    Our team is a combination of qualified local surf instructors along with a support staff. Our staff and surf instructors are bilingual in English and Spanish so they can help campers who come across any language barriers. Staff supervise our surf campers 24-hours a day — on the beach, on excursions, and during transfers from airport. Evolve Surf Camp instructors are CPR & First Aid certified and are some of the top surfers in CR. Their passion for teaching surfing will be evident in the quick progression of Evolve campers.

Surfing FAQ

01. How do my kids travel down to Costa Rica?

Evolve Surf Camp gets campers from all over the world. We try and organize flight options so campers coming from the same area are flying together. Regardless of where they are coming from, our staff wait at the arrival airport until the last camper has arrived. If you need assistance booking a flight, please contact Evolve Surf Camp at 1.888.222.5066

02. What is your Policy with Drugs and Alcohol?

We have a zero tolerance policy at our surf camp, therefore if campers are found partaking in any illegal activity they will be sent home at the expense of the parents. You will have a chance to fully review our policies once you enroll your child.

03. Are surfboards included in the cost of camp?

Included in the cost of camp is a rash guard and a rental surfboard.

04. What do the kids do after they finish the day?

After campers finish the day, we have a wide variety of activities to choose from. As a group we organize evening programs, which often include: soccer, swimming, yoga and other fun games back at our villa. We eat dinners at home but on occasion head into town for dinner.

05. Is there a curfew for the campers?

Yes. Campers are required to be in their hotel rooms by 10:30pm every night.

06. Are lunches included in the cost of camp?

Lunches are not included with the camp.

07. Does the Evolve Surf Camp have night security?

Yes, we have a night guard with us from 7:00pm to 7:00am daily.

08. What if my child gets hurt while in Costa Rica?

Safety is our #1 priority. Our surf camp is equipped with certified CPR and First Aid instructors who can deal with minor injuries. Secondly, there is a full size hospital in downtown Liberia. In Santa Teresa there are 2 emergency medical clinics as well as an emergency medical clinic in Cobano, which is approximately 30 minutes away from our villa. For more severe emergencies, campers are driven to San Jose or in extreme emergencies are flown in by helicopter or plane.

All campers require comprehensive ( medical, cancellation/interruption, baggage) insurance in order to attend camp.

09. Currency, Exchange Rates and Cash

The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon. Most shops and restaurants accept US Dollars. There are ATMs in town or at the airport where campers can take out money. Please be advised that ATMs in foreign countries may have daily or weekly withdrawal limits, in addition to any foreign access limits imposed by your bank on the accounts your child may try to access.

10. How do I reach my child while they are at camp?

Calls to campers should only be on an emergency basis, however, if your child has a cell phone you can reach them directly. Lastly, for emergencies, parents will have access to our supervisors cell phone.

Still Have Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page.

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