Mount St. Louis-Moonstone is the best hill in Ontario!

We are stoked to have been at Mount St. Louis-Moonstone for the past 10 years, and we are so excited for another amazing season of Evolve Snow Camps that is right around the corner! After 10 seasons of skiing and snowboarding, we can confidently say that there is no place that we would rather be running our programs than Mount St. Louis-Moonstone, and unless you’ve been there yourself, you might not understand what makes it so great. In order to fill you in a little, we put together some lists of reasons why MSLM is better than any of the other hills in Ontario.

mount st. louis-moonstone


With another $1.5 Million re-invested towards improvements & upgrades, Mount St. Louis Moonstone continues to focus on terrain and building mountains! This summer, work crews moved 170,000 cubic metres of earth in just 60 days, removed the Venture Quad chairlift, and raised Venture slope a total of 50 vertical feet.

MSLM also dropped another $800,000 to improve their unique and powerful snowmaking system. With 3,000 feet of new ductile snowmaking pipe on Venture, Easy Street and Crescent Slopes, as well as 40 various new TechnoAlpin automated snow guns, they will be able to cover 2 slopes with snow in less than 36 hours! The resort also purchased some new Ski Doo Skandic machines for the snowmakers to be able to get around.

Not only should there be more snow than ever at MSLM, but they now have 6 of their 7 PistenBully 600 snow groomers operating the top-notch SNOWsat system which provides exact calculations of snow depth and density.

In terms of getting you to the top of the hill, they have also invested $60,000 on a new haul rope for the Summit 6 Express, $10,000 on a new gear box for Sundance Quad loading conveyor and $20,000 on a new belt for Magic Carpet. Finally, they spent more than $200,000 on a new 8320 high voltage gear switch and improvements to the Moonstone electrical station to enhance reliability and safety.

mount st. louis-moonstone


Mount St. Louis-Moonstone is considered by many – us including – to be the “best resort East of the Rockies”! It is often compared to Blue Mountain, Horseshoe Valley & Snow Valley as they are each some of the bigger facilities that Ontario has to offer. That being said, there are many reasons why we choose MSLM over the others.

First of all, Mount St. Louis-Moonstone is the closest and easiest to get to from Toronto for us and our campers. Another massive reason why we love MSLM is because of the incredible terrain parks that they have (click here to read our last blog post about the MSLM terrain parks). These terrain parks are great for our Freestyle programs, but MSLM is also the perfect location for our downhill lessons because there are shorter lift lines allowing for more runs for each camper.

Mount St. Louis-Moonstone is also among the biggest of the resorts previously mentioned; boasting 15 more runs than both Horseshoe Valley and Snow Valley respectively. They are much better at getting you up the mountain than any of the other resorts as they re-invest more money than the others on improving their comfortable, high speed chairlifts.

Finally, one of the best things about MSLM is that it is located in the Snow Belt, which increases our odds of having good natural powder. They also don’t make snow for any of the open runs which means that the snow quality is never compromised.

mount st. louis-moonstone


We would love to have any camper aged 6 to 15 to come and join us this winter for Evolve Snow Camps so that they can experience first-hand the awesomeness that is Mount St. Louis-Moonstone!!!

For more information about Evolve Snow Camps, click here.

Mount St. Louis-Moonstone has the BEST terrain parks!!!

We love the terrain parks at Mount St. Louis-Moonstone!!!

Renowned for having the best terrain parks east of the Rocky Mountains, it is no secret as to why our campers and coaches love Mount St. Louis-Moonstone so much! We feel we are truly blessed to be able to host our awesome freestyle ski and snowboard camps at Mount St. Louis-Moonstone year-after-year. Not only are the terrain parks super fun to spend the day shredding but the varying size/difficulty of the parks at MSLM allow for the perfect learning environment for our campers.

Here is a little bit more information about each of their terrain parks – you should see pretty easily why we love them so much!

terrain parksSkool YaRd Grom Park

The Skool YaRd is Mount St Louis Moonstone’s “freestyle classroom” – teaching even the newest freestyle skiers and riders how to nail the basic skills. This park is designed for skiers and riders to start acquiring an understanding of terrain park etiquette. They can also to learn how to adjust to a variety of features that are small and low to the ground to minimize the risk of serious injury. The Skool YaRd also boasts thicker rails, fat boxes, rollers, mini bumps and a teensy lil’ ¼ pipe – more than enough to ensure that even the most advanced can have fun in this park!

terrain parksJunkyard Progression Park

The Junkyard is the original terrain park at MSLM & they guarantee that it is always the first terrain park in Ontario to open each year. The Junkyard has seen it all in terms of riders and setups and just comes back strong every single season. The Junkyard is home to some super smooth rails, buttery press boxes, and zero gravity kickers. Along with those great features, the Junkyard has a 12′ “Progression Pipe”, which is a perfect stepping stone for those looking to work their way up to a full-sized halfpipe. The team at MSLM make sure that there are new features every season and they work hard to keep it in top shape for the many competitions that are hosted in the Junkyard each year by organizations like Vans & Freestyle Ontario.

terrain parksOutback Super Park

The Outback Super Park is an award winner year-after-year; with countless accolades from the likes of Snowboard Canada Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Newschoolers, and others. Although not massive vertically, the Outback is mighty and can only be attempted by our advanced ski & snowboard campers, and it is serviced by a Quad chair to ensure that there is never too little ‘steeze’ flowing through the park. The Outback has a Slopestyle course with 2 jump lines featuring 55′-65′ booters, and 60 other awesome features in the rest of the park including the longest rail in North America at 140’, a 3 rail staircase, and a wicked range of cannons, goal post and shot gun rails. Finally, the Outback Super Pipe is sleek and fast with expertly groomed 18’ walls to ride and throw down the gnarliest tricks.

Top 6 Reasons To Get Your Kids Skiing And Snowboarding This Winter

Getting kids outside might seem like an antiquated yet obvious sentiment, but for many young kids today, consistent outdoor activity – like skiing and snowboarding – is far from a reality. It is well understand THAT kids should get consistent outdoor activity, but it is not as easy to understand WHY it is so beneficial for them.

Evolve Snow Camps offers ski and snowboard lessons on Saturdays for 8 weeks (January 12, 2019 to March 2, 2019) with busing from Toronto, York Region, Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Barrie to Mount St. Louis Moonstone (MSLM). 

Evolve provides skiers and snowboarders of every skill level the opportunity to improve and train with Ontario’s best ski and snowboard instructors. We offer two different Snow Camps programs: our traditional downhill ski and snowboard lessons, and our Evolve Freestyle program, which focuses on skill development in the terrain park.

Top 6 Reasons To Get Your Kids Skiing And Snowboarding This Winter

skiing and snowboarding1. Outdoor recreation promotes healthier, more active lifestyles.

It is no secret that North Americans are trending towards a dangerously sedentary lifestyle – overweight and obesity rates for youth have doubled over the past two decades. Outdoor recreation is a proven remedy to obesity, disease, poor immune systems and decreased life expectancy… not to mention, it’s awesome!

Adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding help by making physical activity enjoyable, while providing the excitement that may be lacking in other forms of exercise, often resulting in lifelong participation.

skiing and snowboarding2. Skiing and snowboarding is not just all physical – there are mental health benefits too.

The majority of mental health ailments – stress, depression, poor self-worth (to name a few) – have all been proven to dissipate through outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Kids involved in outdoor recreation also find that they discover things new things about themselves that they are proud of. There is a lot that goes into a person’s identity and for most of us, our hobbies and passions play a huge role. When these outdoor activities are viewed as a form of self-expression, young people find an escape from the stressors in their lives, strengthen their identities, and define themselves in a way they may not have previously.

skiing and snowboarding3. Skiing and snowboarding builds confidence.

Outdoor recreational experiences have been proven to increase the self-confidence of participants. Though skiing and snowboarding can be group activities, they are fundamentally individual in nature. Unlike most sports, there’s no one waiting on the sideline to sub you out and your progression depends entirely on your mental toughness and willingness to push yourself to improve.

4. Skiing and snowboarding builds stronger communities.

Recreational opportunities are essential to a healthy community… plain and simple! They bring neighbours together, encourage safer and cleaner shared spaces, and contribute to the cultural fabric of our communities. Recreation reduces alienation, loneliness and isolation, drawing people out of their homes and into the community. For young people, positive outdoor outlets are exceptionally important, as free time tends to be a risk factor for them more often than not.

5. Skiing and snowboarding promotes greater academic achievement.

Evaluations continue to demonstrate that young people who participate in outdoor recreation, like skiing and snowboarding, perform at a higher academic level than their peers. Through outdoor participation, kids gain a wide array of skills necessary to build and strengthen academic achievement.

Physical activity leads to increased brain functioning imperative to high academic achievement, with concrete connections between increased activity and stronger concentration and memory skills.

6. Skiing and snowboarding cultivates environmental responsibility.

There’s no better incentive to start taking care of our shared outdoor recreation spaces than the understanding that someday in the not-too-distant future, they could be gone. North America’s young people must be engaged in outdoor participation to ensure healthy and active communities, as well as a future for outdoor conservation efforts. Skiing and snowboarding encourages participants to consider the interconnected nature of the mountains, the lakes, the forests and, most importantly, their role in the protection of their community’s natural resources in order to ensure outdoor recreation and enjoyment for many future generations to come.

No matter how much experience your child has in skiing or snowboarding, we strongly encourage you to check out Evolve Snow Camps. We offer the best quality programming for kids in the Greater Toronto Area – and we know for sure that you will notice the benefits that outdoor recreation has on your child. For more information about this upcoming Snow Camps season, please CLICK HERE or email

More Milton weeks of Evolve Skateboard & Scooter Camp for Summer 2018!

Milton Skateboard & Scooter Camp

milton skateboard scooter camp

Great news! We are back in Milton this summer and we are doing more weeks than ever before! After two fantastic sold-out weeks of camp in Milton last summer, we are back for three amazing weeks of Evolve Skateboard & Scooter Camp! With the incredible, newly-built skatepark at the Milton Sports Centre as a host for our programming, this camp exemplifies what a week of Evolve camp is all about.

milton skateboard scooter camp

The Camp

Evolve’s Milton Skateboard & Scooter Camp is a drop-off only day camp operating out of Milton Community Park Skatepark (keep scrolling for more information about Milton Community Park Skatepark). Campers are dropped off each morning at the park to receive personalized instruction and work side-by-side with our qualified coaches on their skateboarding & scootering skills!

For more information about our Milton camps, please click the following links:

milton skateboard scooter camp

The Dates

  • Milton Session 1: July 16 2018 to July 20 2018
  • Milton Session 2: July 30 2018 to August 3 2018
  • Milton Session 3: August 13 2018 to August 17 2018

milton skateboard scooter camp

The Skatepark

Since the Milton Community Park Skatepark was redesigned and renovated in 2015, it is now one of the nicest and newest parks that is used to host one of our camps. The park is designed to include features that appeal to every kind of skater/rider. There are enough ledges, banks, and stair sets to keep the street lovers happy, and there are more smooth, flowy, snakey sections than anyone into ‘tranny’ could ever ask for. Let’s not forget about the pool for the vert skaters also. The Town of Milton was sure to include seating into their design also so that you are welcome at the park even if you are not shredding it yourself.

The layout of this skatepark is inviting for beginners while still offering lots of fun and difficult features for even the most advanced campers. Throughout the week, it is amazing to see our campers work their way around the park with their group and their coach; slowly conquering one spot in the park at a time! encircled with flatbank ramps that allow skaters/riders to flow around obstacles and through the park.

The park is located at the Milton Sports Centre, at 805 Santa Maria Blvd (click to view on Google Maps)

milton skateboard scooter camp

milton skateboard scooter camp