Stoked on Safety

Stoked on Safety

    What is the Stoked on Safety Program?

    Evolve’s Stoked on Safety program puts the ‘fun’ in fundamental safety skills and is inclusive of all students regardless of skill level. With an emphasis on hands-on training, technology-based presentations and knowledgeable staff, this interactive workshop ensures that every student in your school understands the basics of sports safety. We use skateboarding and scootering as a tool to engage students. Our hope is that students will apply their understanding of safety basics to all sports, in all settings.

    • Program Details
      Program Details

      Evolve programming is centered around developing skills at one’s own pace. We firmly believe that knowing safety basics will help set riders up for ultimate success and a true love of the sport.

      Evolve’s Stoked on Safety program will come to your classroom or school gymnasium to present the fundamentals of Action Sports safety. We strive to keep your students’ attention with hands-on demonstrations and practical tips. Students will leave with a thorough understanding of all the equipment, road safety, and gear maintenance.

    • What's Needed?
      What's Needed?

      For the ultimate experience, a school gymnasium is ideal. If a classroom is the only option, we can make that work too, with a limited exploration of live demonstrations. Our workshops are geared toward students in Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8. After the 30-45 minute workshop, students will be eager to get outside and carve some rails with safety in mind.

      Our staff are qualified instructors who have undergone background checks. Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive a certificate that indicates they have completed the workshop successfully.

      Cost: $500

    Stoked on Safety
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