Vans releases trailer for “Listen to the Eyes”

Vans “Listen to the Eyes” Full Movie – Mary Rand, Leanne Pelosi, and Hana Beaman

Earlier this week was the official world premiere for “Listen to the Eyes” – the first women’s snowboarding movie released by Vans. They enlisted the help of legendary snowboard filmmaker Jake Price for this project that took place in the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. The movie features riders from Vans global and Canadian snow teams Hana Beaman, Mary Rand, and Leanne Pelosi.


listen to the eyes
Photo: Red Gerard

Director Jake Price was actively searching to showcase the essence of the Vans women’s snow team and he wanted to illustrate their creative expression both on and off the snow. The entire movie was shot on Kodak 16mm film, and the original soundtrack was scored by Vans Europe surf team rider Lee Ann Curren – two elements that were key in achieving their stylistic goals for the film. This movie does a wonderful job of showcasing Hana, Mary, and Leanne’s backcountry prowess in a uniquely artistic manner.


listen to the eyes
Photo: Owen Ringwall

Vans hosted the world premiere for the movie at the House of Machines in Downtown L.A. Along with the screening, there was an art installation from legendary snowboard artist, Schoph, a Dillon Ojo tribute photography show, and performances by Lee Ann Curren and LA Witch. Although those in attendance got the pleasure of viewing the entire film, the rest of us are limited a fantastic 15-minute trailer. We will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for the release of the full length movie so that we can let you know when it has arrived.


listen to the eyes
Photo: Evolve Camps

Here’s hoping that we can start training our own young women this winter at Evolve Snow Camps to star in some snowboarding movies in the future! Check out our snowboarding programs here:

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Residents living all over Ontario experienced the first heavy snowfall this past weekend. Many areas were hit with nearly 50cm of snow! Much of a difference already compared to the mild winter of 2015/2016. You can expect a snowy winter for 2016/2017 and especially in the ski country. This news has many people wondering when certain ski resorts will open so they could finally hit the slopes.

Southern Ontario Snowfall Nov, 20th 2016
Snowfall in Southern Ontario on Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Here’s a list of expected opening dates for ski resorts in Ontario as reported by and some reported from resort websites. Not all dates listed here are official and final; they based on current weather projections, but subject to change.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone – 1/1/17

Blue Mountain – 25/11/16

Hidden Valley – 3/12/16

Horseshoe Resort – 19/12/16

Glen Eden – 8/1/17

Snow Valley – Optimistic for 10/12/16, possible chance to open 3/12/16

Mansfield Ski Club – 17/12/16

Many ski resorts have already started the snowmaking process, including Mount St. Louis Moonstone.
Snowmaking at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. One of many ski resorts who are in the process of making snow.

Other ski resorts in Ontario are not ready to release info on opening dates, but many have started making snow in the hopes to soon put a finger on a calendar for a date. We will keep you updated!

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Baby Snowboarders Hitting The Slopes

Baby Snowboarders Hitting The Slopes

Searching for a youtube video to brighten up your day? Look no further! These two young snowboarders, Sloan and Johnny will bring an instant smile to your face. They basically started shredding not long after learning to walk.

Below you’ll see Sloan on a snowboard for her first time. For a baby’s first time, she’s totally killing it in skills and in cuteness. If you’re interesting in seeing what Sloan’s up to these days, check out her YouTube channel. HINT: She does more than just snowboard!


Next up is Johnny, who is probably one of the coolest babies to hit the slopes. Not only can he simply ride in a line, but he’s on his way to being a pro in the park as well.  With the help of his dad, he’s hitting those rails and riding boxes too. Johnny also has a Youtube channel if you want to see more of his skills.


Although Evolve Snow Camps does not provide lessons to babies, it’s awesome to have them learn early on for when its time to sign up for classes. This way, they have already developed the feel of being on a board along with some skills and are ahead of the game.



baby snowboarder

Mark McMorris’ Infinite Air Now Available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC

 Mark McMorris’ Infinite Air Now Available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC

Mark McMorris, professional snowboarder and friend of Evolve Snow Camps has become even more of household name . ‘Infinite Air’ made by Maximus Games and HB Studios together with McMorris is now available in stores for $64.99 CAD.  Infinite Air recreates the exciting snowboarding experience in all it’s authenticity. Players will be left in awe because of the extraordinary features. The all star lineup of pros available to play in-game include Danny Davis, Craig McMorris, Silje Norendal, Torstein Horgmo, and Ulrik Badertscher.

Infinite Air
Screenshot from Mark McMorris’ Infinite Air video game

Mark McMorris said:

“Being part of the creation of Infinite Air has been a dream come true! As a kid growing up, I always looked up to athletes who were able to create their own video games and today I get to inspire the next generation. I’m extremely proud of what we came up with and thankful for all of the hard work put in by everyone involved. I couldn’t be more excited to share Infinite Air with everyone and can’t wait for you all to experience a different type of snowboarding game!”


This epic, ground-breaking video game will bring the mountain to your fingertips because of all the new features included. Players will have the opportunity to create courses, in addition to also being able to share their courses with friends. This video game is the first open-world, physics-based snowboarding game.

The trailer is bound to get you amped to play, take a look:

This game will definitely get you stoked for shredding season. Have YOU signed up for lessons with Evolve Snow Camps yet? Hit us up with any questions at 416.619.4521 or stop by our Toronto office, we are happy to help!

10 Awesome Things About Winter

10 Awesome Things About Winter

Winter is coming! Before you know it, it’ll be the first snowfall and with that comes a lot of other great things about winter to look forward to.

1. Tobogganing

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s at least one thing you share in common, and that’s the love of tobogganing! Who wouldn’t enjoy heading the park and ripping one down the hill on a toboggan! It’s one of the most convenient pleasures of winter!


2. Snow Days

Missing a day of school because of SNOW?! Yes please! This is definitely one of the perks of living in a cold climate. The day is full of possibilities for you and your friends.

snow days

3. Winter Vacations

Sometimes escaping the cold is a good thing. We all need some warm weather at some point during the winter. It’s great for family bonding. If you want the best of both worlds, why not head down to chile where its an endless winter in warm climate. Its a great place if your’e looking for lots of activities.

winter vacation

4. Cold, Crisp Air

None of that gross humidity we experienced this past summer, I’d take some winter air over that any day. Given its not too cold, on a nice winter day the fresh air can be the best!

winter air

3. Playing In The Snow

Diving in the snow and feeling no pain is awesome.  You can build a snow fort, make a snowman, lay back and make snow angels. Snow lets us use our imagination and create endless possibilities of fun. You can even get a few buddies together and build your own personal ski/snowboard park in your backyard or park!

playing in snow

4. Outdoor Hockey

Hockey season is in full swing by the winter. Playing outdoor ice hockey is an amazing experience and tons of fun! Check out your local community centre or parks to see if they offer any outdoor rinks, many do.

outdoor hockey

5. Skating

On a similar note to hockey, many community centre’s also have ours of free skate. The feel of gliding on ice in skates is the best!


6. Hot Chocolate

It’s the drink of winter! Who wouldn’t find satisfaction in coming in from the cold and making yourself a, warm, chocolatey, delicious cup of hot chocolate?! It’ll taste even better if you add marshmallows.


7. Snowball Fights

Battle is out with your friends and create the most epic snowball fight ever…safely of course!


8. Staying Inside All Day In Pjs

Snuggle up by the fire wrapped around in a blanket and watch movie after movie. Sometimes we all need some relaxation and warmth on those cold winter days.

relaxing by the fire

9. The holidays

Although not everyone celebrates the same holidays, this time of year is always very festive. There is a certain vibe around December that makes everyone happy. Much of it has to do with Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas there’s always fun christmas markets to check out. The sales after the holidays are also always great.


10. Skiing and Snowboarding

Obviously the best is saved for last! These are the two sports of winter, and a big reason people count down the days until the first snowfall. There’s no better feeling than that first run of the season and ripping it down the hill or mountain with that fresh powder underneath you.

skiing and snowboarding

We can’t wait for Evolve Snow Camps to start up again for the 2017! Come join us this winter at Mount St. Louis. Check out our site and look through our programs. We have buses leaving from locations all over the GTA for your convenience.