Looking for kids skis & snowboards in the GTA?

Corbetts has kids covered.

Finding the perfect snowboard or skis for your kids can seem like an impossible task at first. But really it’s all about knowing where to look and finding the right people to ask. We want to help point you in the right direction!

Corbetts Ski & Snowboard is an incredible Oakville storefront and online retailer offering a remarkable selection of kids skis & snowboards, and so much more. If you live in the GTA, Corbetts is just south of the QEW East of Dorval street in Oakville (120 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 2E7). Head on over and say hello to their lovely staff, and they’ll be happy to help fit your kids with the right equipment. Otherwise, as long as you have access to the internet, Corbetts can ship to you! Their website is user-friendly, organized and clean, which makes online shopping with them super convenient.

CLICK HERE to check out their awesome kids ski collection, and CLICK HERE to check out the kids snowboard selection. Corbetts carries trusted brands such as Armada, Lib Tech, Vans, Volcom and Oakley. The term “jr” (short for junior) is used quite often in athletic contexts when referring to kids gear. Corbetts has all the junior-sized gear you need for SNOW CAMPS 2020 this year! To name a few things:

Warehouse Sale!

Not only does Corbetts have a selection that makes shopping for your snow camper quick and convenient, but they offer prices that won’t break the bank. Check out the GIANT Corbetts Ski + Snowboard Annual Warehouse Sale at The International Centre (Hall #3) this weekend – October 17-20 2019

Corbetts warehouse sale banner, kids skis & snowboards

The event offers 30,000 sq ft. of deals with prices up to 80% off. They have thousands of famous brand ski and snowboard equipment and outerwear liquidations at unbelievable prices.
Corbetts Ski + Snowboard produces this event exclusively, so the costs are all as low as possible.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Corbetts annual warehouse sale, and save today!

How does attending camp benefit your child?


Camp is not just a fun experience for the camper, but it is also rewarding experience for the  parent as well.

Attending a camp can help a child develop desirable skills and attitudes. It is a place of growth and discovery.

Personalities are formed based on influences and experiences. Camp is one way of ensuring a child is exposed to positive influences while they develop memories to last a lifetime.

Camp. Community. Friends. Evolve Snow Camps. Ski. Snowboard. Learn. Lessons. Ski School

So how exactly can attending a ski and snowboard camp be beneficial to your child?


1. It teaches them how to behave as part of a community

As we grow up, we learn how to act as a member of society.

A Ski and Snowboard camp can help develop those social skills by introducing your children to a niche community. Children learn to interact with other members of the same community who may have similar interests, or similar lifestyles to themselves. They will feel a strong connection to others in the ski and snowboard camp, as they learn about the strong bonds that can be formed between social circles.

As part of a niche ski-school community, your child will also learn how to interact with members outside of that particular community. They will learn how to approach the Ski Hill staff with any questions, how to share a chair lift ride with local community members, and how to communicate with skiiers and snowboarders that may be passing them on the hill.

ChairLift. Chair. Ski Hill. Conversations. Society. Community. Camp. Ski School. Evolve Snow Camps

Your children will learn about key social interactions that occur in society, while being under supervision in a safe environment. They will learn where they fit into the society of the Ski Hill, as a member of the camp which they are attending


2. It Introduces them to diversity

A Ski and Snowboard camp offers a way to meet others of similar likes and interests. Not everything about each camp participant is the same though.

Often times, the range of campers is extremely diverse in race, culture, and general background. This diversity can open your child’s eyes to world outside of their 4 block radius between home and school. It shows them about the different types of people that make up their community, and can feed their curiosity to learn more.


3. It offers a feeling of independence

Ski and Snowboard camps can offer independence to a camper.

When at camp, children are no longer by the comforting sides of their parents. This newfound independence teaches children that they have to make decisions for themselves, and that to succeed they must push themselves up to new challenges – instead of relying on their parents to urge them into the challenge.

Due to this experience, children will gain confidence in taking on new situations alone.

And hey, this added confidence can translate to their willingness to try new tricks in the park – which comes around full circle to boosting their confidence even higher.


4. It promotes a respect for nature and outdoor sports

Skiing and Snowboarding are both great sports for your child to learn.These sports not only promote active living, but it also gets your children enjoying the great outdoors.

Getting your kid active and outdoors is a task in itself for the summer months. In winter, it is a near impossible mission to accomplish.

Enrolling your child in a ski and snowboard school promotes active living and a respect for nature. Kids learn that life beyond their iPad screen can be far more engaging than they otherwise thought. They learn that being outside in the cold is something to embrace, and not something to fight against. They learn that regardless of the weather, you can still have fun.

Snowboard. Ski. School. Benefits. Camp. Kids. Learn. Learn to Ski. Learn to Snowboard. Evolve Snow Camps


5. It provides positive role models and influences

Camp Instructors are great role models. These skilled coaches are not only extremely talented at the sports which they teach, but they also work well with parents and children. Ski and Snowboard camps employ instructors that are responsible and hardworking, but also fun and inspiring. They are active individuals with desirable skills and interests worth pursuing.

Coach. Instructor. Skiing. Snowboarding. Learn. Teach. Ski School. Toronto. Evolve Snow Camps Snowboard. Teaching. Coach. Lessons. Learn. Learn to snowboard. Ski School. Toronto. Evolve

At Evolve Snow Camp, coaches represent Ontario’s best ski and snowboard instructors. Each coach is extensively trained and tested on his or her ability to teach and supervise. Our coaches are professional, friendly and laid-back people who want to help each of their riders achieve their individual goals.


Another Blue Bird in the Books!

Check out some of the pictures from last weekend.

Last weekend one of our Campers, Cousie took the morning off to participate in a FSO Half Pipe competition. Although he did not place finals, we are all super stoked and proud of him. His runs were amazing to watch!

evolve snow camps  1

evolve snow camps  3

having fun in the Junk Yard.

evolve snow camps  4

evolve snow camps  5

evolve snow camps  6

evolve snow camps  8

NEW! Trampoline Training!

Evolve Snow Camps

Evolve Snow Camps is happy to announce that we have partnered up with Just Bounce Trampoline Club, located near Yorkdale Mall.

Just Bounce Trampoline Club is opening their facility to Evolve Freestyle Campers for Cross Training in 1 hour sessions slots.  Just Bounce has allotted two highly motivated and trained staff to train our campers in Trampoline and Cross Training Instruction!

Campers will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of aerial awareness, hang time, and learning specific skills which will help in the half pipe and park. The instructors  will also teach campers how to progress towards off-axis twisting and specific skills as they relate to camper specific goals on the snow this season. This program is a great way for campers to learn new skills and take their riding to a whole new level this season!

There is very limited space for this training and it will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Sessions Start November 4th
and run through until December 16th. In the new year we will be having more session available.

Group 1 5:30-6:30pm (Limited to 6 campers)
Group 2 6:15-7:15pm (limited to 6 campers)

The cost for the Trampoline sessions is $22 + HST per session.
Total cost: $154 + HST.

More info and direction go to: http://www.justbounce.ca