skateboarding camp 24
We are proud to be offering our Skateboard camp and Scooter camp in Markham once again. The Evolve camp in Markham includes a full instructional environment at Markham Centennial Skatepark. All campers need to bring their helmet and gear and we provide a full day camp environment right at Markham Centennial Skatepark. This program does not include busing. This camp is for campers aged 6-15 and the cost is $265. Swimming and other activities are provided on a daily basis. Markham campers can also sign up for other Evolve programming that includes pickups in the Markham Area.

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EVOLVE MARKHAM PROGRAM -(does not include Bussing)
Ages Dates Pricing Enroll
Markham Centennial 6-15 Jul 25 – Jul 29 $265 + HST Enroll Now
Markham Centennial 6-15 Aug 22 – Aug 26 $265 + HST Enroll Now