Looking for Kids Winter Programming in 2021?

Evolve Snow Camps 2021

Yep, that’s right. 2021 is just around the corner. And with winter approaching, your kids can get stoked for snow camps!

Evolve is the ultimate place to look for winter programming for kids ages 6-15. We offer freestyle, park, team and March break programs for both skiing and snowboarding. Our programs run on Saturdays in January, February, and March at the largest family-owned ski resort in Southern Ontario – Mount St. Louis-Moonstone (MSLM).

Let’s make 2021 a healthy and awesome year. Whether your kids will be learning a new skill or honing their craft, hitting the slopes will be a great way to stay ahead of the winter blues. 

How do your kids want to Evolve in the new year?

My Kids Want to Ski this Winter!

Are your kids new to skiing or just starting out? Evolve provides skiers of every skill level the opportunity to improve and train with Ontario’s best instructors. Click here to learn more about Evolve’s ski lessons.

Are your kids seasoned skiers looking to land their next trick? Evolve also provides more advanced skiers the opportunity to learn freestyle techniques – from basic terrain park fundamentals to fine tuning the most technical tricks. Click here to learn more about Evolve’s freestyle skiing programs.

Evolve Ski Lessons 2021


My Kids Want to Snowboard this Winter! 

Are your kids new to snowboarding or just starting out? Evolve provides snowboarders of every skill level the opportunity to improve and train with Ontario’s best instructors. Click here to learn more about Evolve’s snowboard lessons.

Are your kids seasoned snowboarders looking to land their next trick? Evolve also provides more advanced snowboarders the opportunity to learn freestyle techniques – from basic terrain park fundamentals to fine tuning the most technical tricks. Click here to learn more about Evolve’s freestyle snowboarding programs.

Evolve Snowboard 2021


Evolve Snow Camps coaches and staff work as a team to create a friendly and fun experience for everyone involved.

How Do My Kids Get to the Hill?

Our programs include busing from various locations in Toronto, York Region, Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Barrie. However, you may also drop off and pick up your children before and after camp at MSLM, by signing them in and out with us. Please visit our FAQ for more information regarding busing. 

Evolve Bus 2021

COVID-19 Policies & Safety Precautions

We’ve adapted our procedures to ensure the safest possible camp experience for everyone. Please read about it here to stay informed.


Evolve Snow Camps COVID-19 Policies

Evolve Snow Camps COVID-19 Policies

(Updated: 30 September 2020)

Masked Evolve Skier


  • Campers to wait in the car until the bus arrives at their stop
  • Participants should not be in close contact or mingling with other skiers/riders on the hill or in chalet who are not part of the Evolve Camp
  • Protocols are in place to notify the parents/guardians if the camp participant begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while in camp, including the need for immediate pick-up and an area to isolate the camp participant until pick-up
  • Parent/Guardian should be available during the day (Evolve requires at least two emergency contact numbers per camper)
  • Staff to be trained on all COVID procedures with written instructions as backup
  • Label all backpacks, lunch bags and equipment


  • Waiver signed by parents stating that participant has no symptoms, or been in contact with someone with symptoms (A Google Form needs to be completed prior to every weekend)
  • Instructors to sign above waiver, and complete Google Form prior to every day of camp


  • Bus to be sanitized (by driver) in the morning before starting the pickups (arm rests, grab handles, seat reclining levers, seat belts, toilet area)
  • Campers to stow their own skis or boards under the bus
  • Bus monitor/Driver to provide hand sanitizer on embarking
  • Mask to be worn by all campers (and bus monitor) while on the bus
  • Toilet on bus not available, except for emergencies
  • No sharing of headphones, tablets, phones, food or drink
  • Bus monitor/Driver to provide hand sanitizer when disembarking
  • Campers to retrieve own skis or board from under the bus
  • Bus to be sanitized (by driver) during the day, before campers return
  • Same process on the return journey
  • Bus sanitized at end of day


(Cotton, microfiber or fleece neck gaiter, balaclava, non-surgical face covering, and medical masks are ALL okay. Ski masks with opening/vents for mouth and/or nose are NOT acceptable.)

  • Bus monitor to wear mask when checking campers onto the bus, and for the entire journey
  • All campers on bus wear mask for entire journey
  • Instructors to wear face coverings when addressing the group as a whole, and when working closely with participants
  • Participants to bring their own masks
  • Participants keep 6 foot distance when gathered in group
  • Masks recommended when group is gathered together for instructions
  • Mask mandatory when waiting in lift line and when riding chairlifts
  • Masks not required when skiing/riding
  • Masks required when entering the chalet for lunch, or when using washrooms
  • Suggested to bring an extra (dry) mask for the drive home or if one goes missing on the hill

Equipment / Personal Belongings

  • Personal belongings (backpacks, lunch bags) brought to camp will be kept in a designated area, and should not be handled by the instructors or by any other participant
  • Camp participants should bring all their own equipment (sunblock, hand warmers, etc.), and this should not be shared with others
  • No shared equipment
  • No sharing of water bottles, snacks or lunch

Lunch & Snacks

  • Lunch will be staggered throughout the day to reduce crowding in the chalet
  • Each group will be allocated a time and area for lunch
  • Groups should stick together during lunch, and not mix with other groups or non-Evolve skiers/riders
  • Instructor to provide hand sanitizer before and after lunch
  • Time for lunch will be reduced – to get all groups through quicker
  • Recommend to have an extra snack in ski jacket pocket for during the day – campers will not be able to go into the chalet as often as before – depending on capacity of the chalet and lunch schedule
  • Recommend to leave a snack and juice box/water on seat in the bus – for the drive home
  • Please keep lunch and snacks ‘nut free’

** Evolve’s COVID Policies are under constant review and will be updated and amended fluidly until the end of the Snow Camp season, based on updates and regulations from the provincial government, and on the policies of our partners and suppliers.

Canadian Skateboarders Preparing for First Ever Olympics

Canadian Skaters are Gearing Up.

Watch Your Morning‘s video interview with Canadian Annie Guglia HERE.

Canadian pro skaters are beginning to gear up for their first ever Olympics that is being held in Tokyo this summer. 

Annie Guglia from Montreal is hoping that skateboarding’s exposure to the mainstream will increase the public’s interest and acceptance of the sport, while inspiring more people to start skating.

“I really think it’s (the Olympics) positive for skateboarding, for the Canadian skateboarding community, for the world skateboard community, for girls in skateboarding, too, because it’s going to be showcased just the same as the men’s,” says Guglia.

Canadian Annie Guglia, skater.


Olympic skaters will be competing in two disciplines, park and street. Canada will have seven men and four women competing in both of these disciplines, Guglia says. 

The park division features skaters dropping into ramps or bowls, and performing aerial tricks while attempting to gain height .

Street skaters will execute tricks on handrails, staircases, ledges, benches and transition. Guglia is the current Canadian women’s street league champion.

In order to qualify for the Olympics, competitors will be taking part in a tournament series put on by skateboarding’s international governing body World Skate.

Guglia currently sits on the board of directors for Canada Skateboard, which formed in 2016 as the national sport federation for skateboarding in Canada.

“We have a national event series that’s happening in Canada this year, for the first time it’s like a new pathway to becoming an Olympic athlete,” Guglia said to CTV’s Your Morning.

“We’re one of the top nations in the world, we can be really proud of what we’re doing with Canada Skateboard.” 

We absolutely could not be more stoked to see our Canadian pro skaters head to Japan this summer. Skateboarding will be making history at the Olympics this year! We’ll be cheering you on, Annie.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canadian-skateboarders-gear-up-for-first-ever-olympics-1.4538123

Olympic Skateboarding Teams Gears Up For Tokyo 2020!

Olympic Skateboarding in Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

The Evolve team could not be more stoked that skateboarding is now an official summer Olympic event, and will be making its debut this July in the Tokyo 2020 games. Last weekend, The Berrics hosted an exclusive media day showcasing the USA Skateboarding Olympic hopefuls. The event gave mainstream news outlets the chance to meet this historic team, the staff behind the scenes, and listen to what the skaters had to say about their prospects for 2020. 

A total of 40 male and 40 female skateboarders will compete in Tokyo 2020 when skateboarding makes its debut at the Olympic Games. Half will ride in the park event, obtaining points for gnarly mid-air tricks off half- and quarter-pipes, and other complex transition, while the street event allows the other half of skaters to showcase their immense skills on a course comprised of stairs, handrails, ledges, benches, walls and transition.

Skate Olympic Rings

For more information about skateboarding in the Olympics, you can read the skateboarding page on the official Tokyo 2020 website here. However, skateboarding is also considered to be a lifestyle by many skaters across the globe. Watching skate videos/reading skateboard magazines by both renowned and independent skate companies can help you understand skateboarding’s essence and cultural significance. 

We suggest:

Skateboarding is about to gain even more exposure on a historic international platform, hopefully inspiring numerous individuals to get on a board and experience what skateboarding’s all about. Stay tuned for more news about skateboarding in the 2020 summer Olympic games!



The BEST Place to Shop for Kids Snowboards in Toronto!

You don’t need to leave Toronto to find kids snowboards.

BOARDSPORTS is Toronto’s premiere shop when it comes to all things, well… board sports! Originally a core windsurfing business, it evolved from Wind Promotions and became BOARDSPORTS to reflect the stores broadening focus on all board sports. Conveniently located at 105 Vanderhoof Ave in Leaside, their store is always stocked with awesome kids snow gear. The staff at Boardsports are always excited to get people out riding, and want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable doing it.

KIDS Boardsports Storefront in Leaside, Toronto

Not to worry if you can’t make it to the shop! You can also conveniently shop for kids snow gear online on BOARDSPORTS’ website. They ship items Canada-wide, and within the continental United States. They also offer Free Canada Post Expedited Shipping on orders over $99.99 within Canada! In their snow section, you can find kids gear underneath the gender category, labeled as “youth”

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BOARDSPORTS’ price guarantee.

BOARDSPORTS guarantees the best price in Canada on items for 15 days from the date of purchase.

If you find a lower advertised price from an Authorized Canadian Dealer, or if BOARDSPORTS advertises the product for a lower price, they will provide you a store credit for the difference.

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Snow Camps 2020 is just around the corner!

Now is the perfect time to head on over to BOARDSPORTS with snow camps just a few short months away! 

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