GoPro Releases Karma Grip

GoPro Releases Karma Grip

GoPro’s release of the Karma Grip is bringing image stabilization to a whole other level! It has the ability to capture footage smoother than ever before.

Karma Grip full shot
The Karma Grip is a step in the right direction to avoid shaky footage

On Monday GoPro made an announcement that the handheld stabilizer has released in select stores and on for $299 USD. Customers will have to purchase HERO5 and HERO4 Black and Silver Cameras because the Karma Grip does not include a camera.

The Karma Grip can be held or mounted on the body, and controlled entirely via the hand grip. Footage is able to export without having to disconnect the camera. The camera and the grip can charge at the same time.

Come spring 2017 there will be a few new releases and additions to go along with the image stabilizer. The Karma Grip will also be compatible with the hero 5 Session. An extension cord will be a big item to look out for as it will allow cameras to be held or mounted separately from the grip. Users will have the ability to control their camera from a distance.

As Evolve Snow Camps is around the corner it has many of our campers thinking about what they need for the upcoming season. Many ask for new gear in their holiday wish list. The Karma Grip would be a great gift for the holidays and for camp!

Check out the video below to see just how smooth your footage can be.




Dew Tour Breckenridge 2016 Updates

Dew Tour Breckenridge 2016 Updates

As the first stop on Dew Tour in Breckenridge approaches, the hype is growing larger and larger. People are excited to see the reimagined competition and winter festival.


Here are some big updates from the past few days.

  •  A men’s and women’s adaptive snowboarding competition is added to the competition lineup. It’s going to take place on Thursday, December 8. The women’s adaptive snowboard final will start at 11:30 am MDT followed by the men’s final at 12:45 pm MDT. Adaptive Action Sports, Toyota and Dew Tour have partnered together to work on this.
  •  Breckenridge was hit with a heavy winter storm last week and the snow guns were firing away to add snow to the base. With the Dew tour being 3 weeks away, this is great news!
  • More pro’s have been recently invited to participate, including Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, Aaron Blunck, Broby Leeds, Jossi Wells and Chas Guldemond to name a few.
  • A ‘By The Numbers Course Preview Presented By Moto Z Droid’ has been posted, giving you a detailed look inside the reimagined course.

Adding to the Dew Tour hype is the news of the first Major Snowfall to hit many parts of North America that has many very excited for the shredding season. Us at Evolve Camps are stoked because many ski resorts in Ontario are starting to make snow, including our friends at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Residents living all over Ontario experienced the first heavy snowfall this past weekend. Many areas were hit with nearly 50cm of snow! Much of a difference already compared to the mild winter of 2015/2016. You can expect a snowy winter for 2016/2017 and especially in the ski country. This news has many people wondering when certain ski resorts will open so they could finally hit the slopes.

Southern Ontario Snowfall Nov, 20th 2016
Snowfall in Southern Ontario on Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Here’s a list of expected opening dates for ski resorts in Ontario as reported by and some reported from resort websites. Not all dates listed here are official and final; they based on current weather projections, but subject to change.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone – 1/1/17

Blue Mountain – 25/11/16

Hidden Valley – 3/12/16

Horseshoe Resort – 19/12/16

Glen Eden – 8/1/17

Snow Valley – Optimistic for 10/12/16, possible chance to open 3/12/16

Mansfield Ski Club – 17/12/16

Many ski resorts have already started the snowmaking process, including Mount St. Louis Moonstone.
Snowmaking at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. One of many ski resorts who are in the process of making snow.

Other ski resorts in Ontario are not ready to release info on opening dates, but many have started making snow in the hopes to soon put a finger on a calendar for a date. We will keep you updated!

There’s STILL time to register for Evolve Snow Camp this winter! Head over to our site and check out our programs and pick up locations. If you have any questions you can visit our frequently asked questions or give us a call at 416.619.4521.


Mark McMorris is BACK!

Mark McMorris is BACK!

No, not in his video game ‘Infinite Air’, in real life this time! Mark McMorris made his competition return at the World Cup snowboarding Big Air competition in Milan, Italy this past Saturday. It was his first appearance since breaking his femur during a ‘freak accident’ at the Air and Style event in Los Angeles on February 21st. He finished the competition earning himself a bronze medal. Not a bad spot to be in for someone who’s been out of the game for a few months.

Check out some highlights below:

We’re looking forward to watch Mark continue to kill this season! He’s currently on his way to Beijing for Air & Style, which is the test event in Korea for the Olympics Big Air contest. Then he’ll be competition in the Dew Tour in Breckenridge.

Here’s an interview he recently gave about his recovery, video game and future competitions.

Watching Mark’s comeback is making us stoked to get back on the slopes at Mount St. Louis Moonstone in January. If you haven’t registered yet, no worries, there is still time to do so! Head to our register page and fill out a form to sign up today!  If you have any questions give us a call at 416.619.4521.



Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chileans are known to be very friendly and hospitable people. They will make you feel right at home. Their culture and customs are different from what you may be used to at home or from what you’ve experienced when travelling elsewhere. For that, we’ve compiled a list of some do’s and don’ts when it comes to Chilean Etiquette for when you are fortunate enough to make a trip down the the southern hemisphere.


  • Make direct eye contact while having a conversation with someone you meet. Chilean’s are naturally affectionate people so don’t be taken aback when someone very close to you during a conversation. It’s just a sign that they are showing interest in what you are saying and are being friendly.
  • Address people as Senor for men and Senora for women if you aren’t sure what their title is. Residents of Chile are usually addressed by their titles.
  • At a meal, keep your hands above the table at all times, even when you have finished eating.
  • Discussing families, children, easter island and history are considered good conversation topics.

A Chilean Family dinner - Chilean Etiquette


  • Don’t bother to bargain for things in stores or street markets. It’s illegal to sell items without an issued receipt.
  • Although certain hand gestures are common and come natural to you in conversation, many of them may be misinterpreted as being rude.
  • Raising your right fist to head level is a Communist sign, avoid doing that hand gesture.
  • Do not discuss politics with just anyone, preferably only friends. If the subject comes up, use caution.

When campers travel with Evolve Chile, our staff make be sure them feel at home and comfortable in a new environment that they may not be accustomed to. We make this transition as smooth as possible and to have open communication with campers by checking in on how they are doing on a day to day basis.