Olympic Skateboarding Teams Gears Up For Tokyo 2020!

Olympic Skateboarding in Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

The Evolve team could not be more stoked that skateboarding is now an official summer Olympic event, and will be making its debut this July in the Tokyo 2020 games. Last weekend, The Berrics hosted an exclusive media day showcasing the USA Skateboarding Olympic hopefuls. The event gave mainstream news outlets the chance to meet this historic team, the staff behind the scenes, and listen to what the skaters had to say about their prospects for 2020. 

A total of 40 male and 40 female skateboarders will compete in Tokyo 2020 when skateboarding makes its debut at the Olympic Games. Half will ride in the park event, obtaining points for gnarly mid-air tricks off half- and quarter-pipes, and other complex transition, while the street event allows the other half of skaters to showcase their immense skills on a course comprised of stairs, handrails, ledges, benches, walls and transition.

Skate Olympic Rings

For more information about skateboarding in the Olympics, you can read the skateboarding page on the official Tokyo 2020 website here. However, skateboarding is also considered to be a lifestyle by many skaters across the globe. Watching skate videos/reading skateboard magazines by both renowned and independent skate companies can help you understand skateboarding’s essence and cultural significance. 

We suggest:

Skateboarding is about to gain even more exposure on a historic international platform, hopefully inspiring numerous individuals to get on a board and experience what skateboarding’s all about. Stay tuned for more news about skateboarding in the 2020 summer Olympic games!



Town of Georgina Youth-A-Palooza – Skateboard, Scooter, BMX Competition

We always get excited about announcing awesome community events like Youth-A-Palooza in Keswick. This weekend, Keswick and the Town of Georgina are back at it with this annual event. The skateboard, scooter and BMX competition will be run by none other than us; Evolve Camps! We hope to see you out at Youth-A-Palooza in Keswick! Something to keep in mind is that this is a free event which will feature a variety of other activities other than the action sports competition.

Event Date: June 17, 2017 – 11:00am to 03:00pm

Youth A Palooza Georgina
Youth-A-Palooza Georgina

Who is the event for?

Geared toward youth aged 10-25 years, the purpose of this event is to help this demographic connect with their community.

Activities that will take place at the event include:

  • Barbeque Sport tournaments (i.e. 3-on-3 basketball)
  • Extreme Sport Demonstrations in the Skatepark
  • Skateboard, Scooter & BMX competition
  • Marketplace (vendors)
  • Live Bands & DJ
  • Exhibitor area for non-profit organizations, clubs and businesses. 

Questions about the event call:  (905) 476-4301 ext. 2354

Youth A Palooza Keswick

Go Skateboarding Day Calgary

Go Skateboarding Day is just around the corner and we are beyond stoked. This is the one day a year where the entire skateboarding community gets together and celebrates skateboarding. Go Skateboarding Day in Calgary has always been one for the books. For summer 2017, there are a wide variety of events going down.

go skateboarding day calgary
Go Skateboarding Day Calgary

Millennium Park

Join us at Millennium Park between on June 21 for a free Go Skateboarding Day celebration!
Time: 4-6pm

Huntington Hills Skatepark

Place: Huntington Hills Skatepark (Centre St. & 64th Ave NW)
Time:  4-7pm

Music, bbq, demos and good times


We hope to see you out there! If you see any of the Evolve Camps Crew, be sure to take a picture with them and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #evolveskatecamp