Town of Georgina Youth-A-Palooza – Skateboard, Scooter, BMX Competition

We always get excited about announcing awesome community events like Youth-A-Palooza in Keswick. This weekend, Keswick and the Town of Georgina are back at it with this annual event. The skateboard, scooter and BMX competition will be run by none other than us; Evolve Camps! We hope to see you out at Youth-A-Palooza in Keswick! Something to keep in mind is that this is a free event which will feature a variety of other activities other than the action sports competition.

Event Date: June 17, 2017 – 11:00am to 03:00pm

Youth A Palooza Georgina
Youth-A-Palooza Georgina

Who is the event for?

Geared toward youth aged 10-25 years, the purpose of this event is to help this demographic connect with their community.

Activities that will take place at the event include:

  • Barbeque Sport tournaments (i.e. 3-on-3 basketball)
  • Extreme Sport Demonstrations in the Skatepark
  • Skateboard, Scooter & BMX competition
  • Marketplace (vendors)
  • Live Bands & DJ
  • Exhibitor area for non-profit organizations, clubs and businesses. 

Questions about the event call:  (905) 476-4301 ext. 2354

Youth A Palooza Keswick

Town of Aurora Skateboarding & Scooter Camp

Town of Aurora Skateboarding & Scooter Camp

The Town of Aurora will be once again hosting a skateboarding and scooter camp with Evolve Camps. Evolve is super excited to be back in Aurora for summer 2017

Catching Fun 

When you think summer camp, fun is the first word that comes to mind. Camp is all about having fun, and Evolve Camps knows how to take it to the next level! They provide a unique opportunity to spend the day at skateparks surrounded by kids with similar interests and staff that are passionate about what they do. Not do Evolve run the best action sports camps in Canada, they run some of the best summer camps our country has to offer – period! Evolve offers campers an exciting and engaging experience unlike any other day camp atmosphere in the Town of Aurora Skateboarding and Scooter Camp.

Program Details

The Town of Aurora skateboarding and scooter program is a drop-off day camp. You drop off your kids at the skatepark in the morning, and pick them up at the end of the day.

The Skateboard Camp takes place at the Aurora Skatepark, located at 203 Industrial Pkwy N.

Aurora Scooter Camp Facebook
Aurora Scooter Camp Facebook

Equipment Requirement

Campers are required to come to camp with their own protective gear. Helmet, Pads and your own scooter or skateboard is required. Our online shop carries all the equipment necessary. 


Registration for camp is open. Registration for the skateboarding and scooter camp in The Town of Aurora is done directly through the city. Any other questions about the camp please contact us directly. To sign up click HERE

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