What is Evolve Bike Camp ?

Evolve bike camp Evolve Bike Camp is a cycling camp that teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced cycling lessons to campers 6-15. Our program is based on similar principles of our successful skateboard and scooter camps and focuses on improving fundamentals as well as teaching park etiquette. 

Our day camp program has been expertly designed by our directors to teach campers the foundations of cycling – primarily in BMX and Mountain Biking. Our staff of instructors teach within safe limits in a step by step method that focuses on improving camper’s fundamental skills, balance, coordination and style . 

    Evolve Bike Camp employs a “challenge by choice” philosophy, which means we never force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable doing.  Instead, we offer the challenge.  It’s there for the taking!

A Day At Evolve bike Camp

Mornings are spent in a group setting practicing fundamental biking skills. Our instructors are seasoned riders who methodically take Evolve campers through each step of their cycling development. After lunch, campers are given time to work on the specific skills they are trying to master. 

   Under the supervision of our staff stationed throughout the park or course, Evolve campers begin to challenge themselves and each other by working on improvements through repetition. Our instructors are always on hand to work with campers, giving tips and encouragement, and to help correct flaws and accelerate learning. 

We know that is nearly impossible to ride all day for the youngsters.  That’s why Evolve offers a dynamic roster of programs to keep campers revved up. Additional programming includes fully supervised swimming for 1-2 hours in the afternoon when there is a swimming pool on site, games, races, and even guest pro’s to help instruct campers and give away swag and prizes!


   Evolves cycling camp is dedicated to keeping cycling interesting and exciting!  We offer a wide variety of special programming aside from BMX and MOUNTAIN BIKING to keep riding time fresh and fun.


Prize giveaways

Throughout the week campers can win a variety of prizes from our sponsors as well as skateboard related swag and parts (wheels, grip tape etc). Prizes are given out as rewards for achievements such as camper progression, camper of the day, for having a good attitude or for no reason at all.

Contests and other special events

Throughout camp, riders will get to participate in contests and other camp organized events.  Evolve organizes competitions to help encourage campers to practice and develop their skills.

Stretching and Mental Prep
It’s all about connecting with your bike, feeling the ground beneath your tires. Being limber and focused.  Every morning before campers get going with their program one of our instructors leads them through a basic stretch and preparation session.  Things such as mental preparation and visualization of their goals being achieved, as well as the positive and relaxing affects of deep breathing and stretching are introduced. 

Weekly Camp Video

Evolve Bike Camp produces a weekly camp video.  We also cut shorter videos and a take ton pictures throughout camp.  This is the best way to see what we were up to throughout the week.