The Evolve Freestyle Ski program is for skiers who want to progress their freestyle skiing skills. Our Mount St.Louis program offers beginner, intermediate and advanced programs on Saturdays and Sundays. Each camper will be grouped in freestyle ski lessons according to his or her individual skill level. Groups will then focus on different aspects of freestyle: freeriding, park, pipe or any discipline variation. Campers who are signing up for our Beginner Park and Freestyle program should have a strong foundation in skiing. As rated by Transworld, Mount St.Louis has one of the top 5 parks in the East. Our campers have the option of choosing from three terrain parks.


Beginner & Intermediate Freestyle Skiers


The Skool Yard

This park was designed for young skiers who want to start getting a taste of the freestyle skiing world. Its super small jumps and easy to ride on boxes and rails are perfect for park introduction.


The Junk Yard

The Junk Yard is a more advanced park set up for beginner and intermediate freestyle skiers. The park offers a wide variety of jumps, boxes, rails and it also has a half pipe.


Advanced Freestyle Skiers


The Outback

The Outback is where our Advanced freestyle skiers take their progression to the next level. The features inside this park are meant for advanced skiers. The features in this park are large and perfectly manicured