Evolve/Inflow Spring Mixer Scooter Contest Results

This past Saturday marked the annual Evolve/Inflow Spring Mixer Scooter Contest at Inflow Bike and Scooter Park in Dundas, ON. Over 40 riders and more than 150 spectators turned up to create a fantastic competition environment inside the long-time-running purpose-built park. The atmosphere was fun and electric and it allowed riders to push themselves thanks to the support of the crowd and their fellow riders. 

Each division laid it down hard in qualifiers, cutting the field for each division to half or less heading into the final rounds. After great qualifying rounds and even better final rounds, the judges were able to confidently name the podium finishers for each of the divisions. The contest was yet again a success and we would like to thank all those that made it to Inflow on Saturday to ride or support. We would also like to thank Will and his staff at Inflow who helped with setup, judging, food, etc. We hope to see you all back again next year for a bigger and better Spring Mixer!

Here are the final standings at the end of Saturday’s contest:

Final StandingBeginner Division
1stKamrin Marotta
2ndShamus Neville
3rdTaylor Zhang
4thMartin Dubravsky
5thJacob Cheung
6thPreston Plante
T-7thJack MacKeigan
T-7thLiam Knightly
9thCohen Savoy
Final StandingIntermediate Division
1stCole Cromwell
2ndFrank Cianci
3rdAustin Mellon
4thTobias Carbini
5thElliot Depagter
T-6thSimon Denman
T-6thLogan Brandt
8thDavid Dametto
9thNicholas Steven
10thKaiden Jackson
11thJoshua Sudac
12thJared Williams
13thJesse Zabolotny
T-14thAiden Lawson
T-14thCole Gillard
T-16thJoey South
T-16thEthan Rejano
18thDaniel Willms
19thLuke Reymer
20thCole Gonsalves
Final StandingPro/Am Division
1stDamon Mombourquette
2ndCole Zimmerman
3rdNicholas Nelson
4thConnor Savoy
T-5thEric Madziak
T-5thBrandon Jewett
7thMitchell Langley

Pictures from the Evolve/Inflow Skatepark Spring Mixer Scooter Contest



Video Recap

Waterloo Skatepark – Park Etiquette

Waterloo Skatepark – Park Etiquette

Evolve has been running camps with the City of Waterloo for several years now. The Waterloo Skatepark really is an amazing spot and it attracts a lot of people. This skatepark is a popular venue for all skill levels of skateboarders and scooter riders, along with others, as it features a variety ramps, stairs, rails, etc. The Waterloo Skatepark tends to be especially busy during peak hours, like after school and on weekends. Therefore, as we all know, it is important to know and apply the proper park etiquette for your own safety and the safety of others around you. 

Waterloo Skatepark

All experienced skaters and riders know that one of the most important things you can learn is correct park etiquette. It’s important to understand the “flow” of the park and what would be considered good and bad etiquette. At Evolve Camps, it is one of the first things campers learn during their week. By the time your child has the skills to take on the park, they will have a clear understanding of the following concepts (some are explained below): snaking, dropping in, self-awareness, respect, what to do when not riding, safety/protection, ramp usage and more.

Waterloo Skate Park
Waterloo Skatepark


Waterloo Skatepark Etiquette Rules and Reminders

Dropping In 

Dropping in refers to the act of beginning your use of a shared skatepark space and dropping in to a quarter pipe, bowl or ramp is a lot of fun. Before dropping in its good practice to yell “Dropping in!” as this helps all other skateboarders and scooter riders know someone is going to begin using the shared space.

Hanging Out

The skatepark is where we come to hang out with our friends who skateboard, scooter, BMX, unicycle, roller blade, etc. The thing is that we can hand in the park but not in the middle of features. If you are done a session do not sit around in the middle of the skatepark or features. This is dangerous to other riders and not proper skatepark etiquette. 

Don’t Be A Snake

In simple terms, this means: “Wait your turn!”. If someone else just “dropped in”, you have no idea where he or she is going. Snaking is when someone decides to take a run when someone else is already skating or scootering that line. Dropping in on another skateboarder, scooter or BMX rider while they’re doing their line is not cool. We must show respect to all the other riders. Please do not cut off other riders in the middle of their line, make sure the path is clear.

Overall Expectations

There are a few things to keep in mind while at the skatepark. If you keep these points in mind you will be good to go, make new friends and not gain any bad vibes. Simply:

  • Respect others
  • Clean up after yourself, don’t leave trash behind
  • Be kind to young kids, you were once a beginner as well
  • Smile at all times
  • If you see someone get hurt, give them a hand
  • Bring your stoke

More info about the Waterloo Skatepark

The skatepark is in Waterloo Park, at 100 Father David Bauer Dr., across the street from the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. Incase you have any questions regarding the park you can call t 519-886-2310.



Town of Aurora Skateboarding & Scooter Camp

Town of Aurora Skateboarding & Scooter Camp

The Town of Aurora will be once again hosting a skateboarding and scooter camp with Evolve Camps. Evolve is super excited to be back in Aurora for summer 2017

Catching Fun 

When you think summer camp, fun is the first word that comes to mind. Camp is all about having fun, and Evolve Camps knows how to take it to the next level! They provide a unique opportunity to spend the day at skateparks surrounded by kids with similar interests and staff that are passionate about what they do. Not do Evolve run the best action sports camps in Canada, they run some of the best summer camps our country has to offer – period! Evolve offers campers an exciting and engaging experience unlike any other day camp atmosphere in the Town of Aurora Skateboarding and Scooter Camp.

Program Details

The Town of Aurora skateboarding and scooter program is a drop-off day camp. You drop off your kids at the skatepark in the morning, and pick them up at the end of the day.

The Skateboard Camp takes place at the Aurora Skatepark, located at 203 Industrial Pkwy N.

Aurora Scooter Camp Facebook
Aurora Scooter Camp Facebook

Equipment Requirement

Campers are required to come to camp with their own protective gear. Helmet, Pads and your own scooter or skateboard is required. Our online shop carries all the equipment necessary. 


Registration for camp is open. Registration for the skateboarding and scooter camp in The Town of Aurora is done directly through the city. Any other questions about the camp please contact us directly. To sign up click HERE

Other Camps

If The Town of Aurora is not your local town, please click here and check out some of our other camps across Ontario, BC, Alberta and California. Other camps HERE


Calgary Scooter and Skateboarding Camps

Calgary Scooter and Skateboarding Camps

Calgary Skateboarding and Scooter Camps

In Calgary, action sports and action have always been part of the culture. Think about it Calgary was the host to the 1988 Olympics. Skateboarding has been a favorite past time for kids and adults in the Calgary area. There is a huge selection of skateparks which makes it even easier for kids to improve in the sports. 

Although it is not necessarily skateboarding or scooter, the Calgary stampede is for sure one of the most action based events in Canada  and for sure in Calgary. Rodeo and horse racing is for sure way more extreme than dropping into a 15 foot bowl or kick flipping off a 13 set of stairs!

Because of the large variety of skateparks and love for action sports Evolve Camps along with Evolve Skate Camp and Evolve Scooter Camp have decided to start operating our actions ports camp in Calgary. We will be operating with a bus pick up service. This means that our buses will pick up kids from various locations across the city.

Pick up Locations

Scenic Acres Community Asso. – Calgary
Nose Creek School – Calgary
Don Hartman NE Sportsplex – Calgary
Auburn Bay Residents Asso. – Calgary
Shawnessy YMCA – Calgary
Master’s Academy & College – Calgary

Daily Camp Schedule

8-9AM – Bus pick ups across the city
9:15-9:30AM – Stretching and warm up
9:30-Noon – scooter and skateboard instruction
12-12:45 – Lunch
12:45-1:30 – swimming or afternoon programming
1:30 to 3:15PM – Supervised freeskate/scooter

Skatepark Locations:






What to expect at camp

Evolve Camps in Calgary is for skateboarders and scooter riders between the ages of 6-14 and for all skill levels. Whether you have never skateboarded before or have never pushed on a scooter you have fun and progress. Our challenge by choice programming allows kids of all levels to progress at their pace.

More info HERE