Dew Tour Updates From Danny Davis

Dew Tour Updates From Danny Davis


There is much anticipation and discussion regarding the winter Dew Tour ski and snowboard competition. This is because it’s the first competition of the season and one pro riders look forward to all summer long. The first stop on the tour is the Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado on December 8 – 11. Mountain Dew® and TEN: The Enthusiast Network announced a reimagined vision of theirs to axe the traditional format and create new course and competition formats. A new three-part competition course for both the individual competition and new team challenge. This is sure to be a game-changer!


Competition Events

Individual Pro Challenge: Pro’s by the likes of Evolve friends Danny Davis and Mark McMorris are invited to compete in the new challenge course. It’s definitely the event to watch and cheer on your favourite pros.

Team Challenge: The Team Challenge was first introduced at the Dew Tour skate competition this past summer in Long Beach, Cali. Now it’s being brought to the winter event and six of the biggest board brands have been invited to compete. Three of their riders will be selected represent the brands. This will allow athletes who are not competing in the individual competition an opportunity to participate.

Streetstyle: Dew Tour’s signature Streetstyle event will be back once again with a ski and snowboard jam session that will take place in downtown Breckenridge.

Check out this clip of with our buddy Danny Davis breaking down the course new updates:

We’re really looking forward to the Dew Tour but we’re even more amped for Evolve Snow Camps to start up again. We have many pick up locations around the GTA that will take you right to Mount St. Louis Moonstone. If you have any questions give us a call at 416.619.4521.


Interesting Facts About Chile

Interesting Facts About Chile

If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE spending our summers in Chile. It’s hard to find a reason not to love it. The amazing mountains, culture, beaches and adventure sports….the list can go on and on. Here’s a few fun facts about Chile that’ll make you want to head down to the southern hemisphere!

1. The Worlds Largest Swimming Pool is in Chile

In Algarrobo City, along the pacific coast of the southern hemisphere you’ll find the worlds largest swimming pool. It is an artificial paradise like no other. The pool has a length of 1,000 yards, an area of 20 acres and a maximum depth of 115- feet. It holds 66 million gallons of crystal clear seawater.

This pool is the size of 20 olympic pools
This pool is the size of 20 olympic size swimming pools!

2. You Can Find Penguins in Chile

Penguins can be found in several areas of the country. If you’re by the beach you’re likely to find them there as the humboldt penguins along the pacific coast of northern Chile with about bout 12,000 breeding pairs in the country. The Seno Otway Penguin Colon are found in the southern region.

Humboldt Penguins in Northern Chile
Humboldt Penguins on the north coast

3. Chile has One of the Longest Coastlines in the World

Since Chile is one of the longest countries in the world, it would only make sense to have one of the longest coastlines as well with it being around 6500 km long. It is also one of the narrowest in the world with a width of just over 200 km.

The beautiful coastline in Chile
The coastline there is also one of the most beautiful in the world

4. Chile is Home to the Oldest Mummy in the World

The Chinchorro mummies lived along the northern coast of Chile and were discovered in the Atacama Desert in 1917. They dates back to around 5000-7000 B.C. In Egypt, they reserved this holy rite for kings and luminaries. Although the Chincurro granted the community the rite of mummification regardless of age or status.

One of the Chinchorro mummies dating back to 5050 B.C
One of the Chinchorro mummies found in the Camarones Valley

5. The Alerce Tree is One of the Tallest Trees in the World

The Alerce tree, found in the southern region, is native to the the Andes mountains and also one of the worlds 10 oldest living trees. Some of the Alerce trees found are over 4,000 years old.

The Alerce Tree
The branches are relatively short and grow horizontally or downwards

Evolve Chile campers come home with new cultural experiences and having learnt about the history of this awesome country. We offers city tours of Santiago that will open your eyes to how amazing this southern hemisphere truly is.

10 Awesome Things About Winter

10 Awesome Things About Winter

Winter is coming! Before you know it, it’ll be the first snowfall and with that comes a lot of other great things about winter to look forward to.

1. Tobogganing

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s at least one thing you share in common, and that’s the love of tobogganing! Who wouldn’t enjoy heading the park and ripping one down the hill on a toboggan! It’s one of the most convenient pleasures of winter!


2. Snow Days

Missing a day of school because of SNOW?! Yes please! This is definitely one of the perks of living in a cold climate. The day is full of possibilities for you and your friends.

snow days

3. Winter Vacations

Sometimes escaping the cold is a good thing. We all need some warm weather at some point during the winter. It’s great for family bonding. If you want the best of both worlds, why not head down to chile where its an endless winter in warm climate. Its a great place if your’e looking for lots of activities.

winter vacation

4. Cold, Crisp Air

None of that gross humidity we experienced this past summer, I’d take some winter air over that any day. Given its not too cold, on a nice winter day the fresh air can be the best!

winter air

3. Playing In The Snow

Diving in the snow and feeling no pain is awesome.  You can build a snow fort, make a snowman, lay back and make snow angels. Snow lets us use our imagination and create endless possibilities of fun. You can even get a few buddies together and build your own personal ski/snowboard park in your backyard or park!

playing in snow

4. Outdoor Hockey

Hockey season is in full swing by the winter. Playing outdoor ice hockey is an amazing experience and tons of fun! Check out your local community centre or parks to see if they offer any outdoor rinks, many do.

outdoor hockey

5. Skating

On a similar note to hockey, many community centre’s also have ours of free skate. The feel of gliding on ice in skates is the best!


6. Hot Chocolate

It’s the drink of winter! Who wouldn’t find satisfaction in coming in from the cold and making yourself a, warm, chocolatey, delicious cup of hot chocolate?! It’ll taste even better if you add marshmallows.


7. Snowball Fights

Battle is out with your friends and create the most epic snowball fight ever…safely of course!


8. Staying Inside All Day In Pjs

Snuggle up by the fire wrapped around in a blanket and watch movie after movie. Sometimes we all need some relaxation and warmth on those cold winter days.

relaxing by the fire

9. The holidays

Although not everyone celebrates the same holidays, this time of year is always very festive. There is a certain vibe around December that makes everyone happy. Much of it has to do with Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas there’s always fun christmas markets to check out. The sales after the holidays are also always great.


10. Skiing and Snowboarding

Obviously the best is saved for last! These are the two sports of winter, and a big reason people count down the days until the first snowfall. There’s no better feeling than that first run of the season and ripping it down the hill or mountain with that fresh powder underneath you.

skiing and snowboarding

We can’t wait for Evolve Snow Camps to start up again for the 2017! Come join us this winter at Mount St. Louis. Check out our site and look through our programs. We have buses leaving from locations all over the GTA for your convenience.



Street Art In Valparaíso

Street Art In Valparaíso

Two hours from Santiago, the capitol of Chile lies Valparaíso.  This laid-back harbour city in the southern hemisphere contains colourful buildings and loads of street art spread along the coast of Chile. It’s the place to be if you want to experience as much Chilean culture as possible, with festivals every year, and a number of Chilean street artists, writers and musicians. They made the city their home due to its charming location and bohemian values. Many view the city as the Latin version of Berlin.

What gives Valparaíso it’s charm? A large reason is because of the art you’ll find by on the walls. Hardly any wall is left untouched. Art you’d find on the streets in Valparaíso often represent a historical theme, political topic or world issues. It’s one of the top places to see graffiti, street art and tagging.

Types of Street Art

Together they are all referred to as street art, the difference between the three types of street art you’ll see is quite obvious once you spot it out. Street art (also a term on its own) is the most high quality pieces of work. Artists want people who pass by to be engaged by their work. The art has a lot of detail and often has a story to tell in its message.

Graffiti artists are not interested so much so in getting the public to understand their work even though they create their work for the public to see. Their work is meant to communicate to and with other graffiti artists. It looks like huge stylized letters that can be done by painting, drawing or writing on the surface. Tagging is similar to graffiti art but it is a lot more simplified. It looks like scribbling or a signature created using spray paint.

The kind of street art you'd find in Valparaíso
Street art in Valparaíso
Grafitti style font
Grafitti art
Tagging art is a bit messier than grafitti
Tagging is a bit more of a messy look

In other cities you’ll find that a lot of street art is made over the works of other street artists to make their work more known. In Valparaíso, no work of an artist is painted over the works of another artists, it’s the unwritten rule. That is a large reason as to why the street art is so appeals to people passing by, because of its ‘clean look’ all around town.

Evolve Chile goes above and beyond the pow, big mountain and Andes experience. With us, you’ll be sure to experience new culture, new food, new terrain, and a mountain and city lifestyle that most have not experienced.

Indoor Ski Hill In Vaughan Opens Over The Weekend

Indoor Ski Hill In Vaughan Opens Over The Weekend

Freestyle Axis Academy, Canada’s first indoor ski hill, opened its doors to the public this past weekend. The facility is close to the Vaughan Mills shopping centre and offers something for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beginner riders can come in to learn to ride in the terrain park and advanced have the perfect spot for pre season training.

Jumps, boxes and rails are available at the park
A solid variety of jumps, boxes and rails.

The 17-foot tall dry slope has with a variety of jumps and rails. There is also a performance trampoline with foam pits, a yoga studio, a strength and conditioning area.

The dry slope technology is a plastic-like surface and people can glide and carve much like they do on real snow.  Although they call it ‘dry slope’, the materials are misted with a special watery solution to give riders the ability to glide down.

Dryslope at indoor ski hill
View from the top of the dryslope hill

Before you know it winter will be upon us. This facility is a great opportunity to get in some practice before getting on the Evolve Snow Camps bus to Mount St. Louis to hit the real slopes. We offer buses all over the GTA to get our campers from your hood to the hills, it’s THAT easy!