Evolve Snow Camp Picture Update 2017 ~ Finally!

Evolve Snow Camp has been off to a great season! Campers are already making huge improvements in both skiing and snowboarding skills and having tons of fun. We know we’ve been a little behind on posting photos this season, but as of this past weekend we are on it! We only took photos on Sunday because we had camera issues on Saturday morning but be sure to bring your smiles for next Saturday too! Next week we will be showing more photos and showcasing our staff for 2017. 

Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends on social media. Be sure to tag @evolvecamps

Sunday February 5th, 2017

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Choosing the right skateboard to buy

Choosing the right Skateboard

Purchasing a skateboard is not rocket science, however its key to getting the right one for your child or yourself. . Its actually pretty simple, specially if you have a beginner skateboarder joining camp or just skateboarding around your street. We get many calls about what type of skateboard to buy, what size, what wheels, what grip tape etc. Below is a simple guide for you to follow before choosing a skateboard from  your local skate shop or from our online store. 

Evolve Skate Shop

Skateboard Types

Below is a great guide to follow or considering when purchasing a skateboard. Since skateboarding was introduced in the late 40’s/50’s skateboarding shapes have come in and out of popularity. At one point skateboards one shape and thats it. In 2017 you can purchase all types of shapes and sizes which are great for various styles of skateboarding. Some skateboarders like to cruise, some like to skateboard vert and some like street or park. 

Remember that we are always here to help you in choosing the right board. But we know that not everyone can come by our shop or simply order online. This will help you when you are alone. 


You have never skateboarded before or you simply have skateboarded a few times on a board that was donated to you by someone else. You are committed to learning and feel that purchasing a skateboard is the right way to go. 
Recommendation: Start with an affordable complete skateboard, cruiser or longboard. For camp kids cant bring longboards or cruisers. 
You’re comfortable on your skateboard by now and have begun to work on more technical moves. You are are feeling good when dropping in on a ramp or learning how to ollie.
Recommendation: Purchase a board that fits you well. There are different widths. Probably a good idea to get a good light pair of trucks  with good wheels and bearings. 
If you’re an expert skater, you know what you like and what you need. Check out our boards here.


Skateboarders are usually divided into the type of skateboarding they do. Skateboards, wheels and trucks are often designed for use on certain surfaces and for different types of tricks. Below is a list of styles that are common.
Vert skaters (also commonly called Pool and Bowl skaters) ride ramps and other vertical structures, catching air and performing grabs and spin tricks. This type of rider looks to find a skate park with a variety transition features, empty pools (uncommon but awesome) or they DIY ramps themselves. Vert tricks are about big air, high speed, and sick style. Transition skaters usually prefer a wider skateboard deck size to feel stable at higher speeds. 
Recommendation: Often, you’ll find vert skaters on boards with unique nose and tail shapes to add a little more style to their riding. Check out brands like Powell Perralta, Welcome, Santa Cruz and Lib Tech
Choose the right skateboard to buy
Old School Pool Decks
It’s much easier to find a street skating venue than a vert ramp – just look around, get creative and skate everything! Street style utilizes almost every aspect of the urban landscape, including curbs, handrails, benches, stairs, fire hydrants, dumpsters…like we said, get creative. These features are sometimes replicated in skate parks, offering riders a chance to grind to their heart’s delight without damaging anyone’s property. Most street tricks, such as nosegrinds, 50-50s and kickflips, are technical and precise, requiring a lot of practice and patience to learn.
Recommendation: Trick-minded street skaters usually prefer a standard “popsicle” shaped skateboard with a rounded nose and tail. The round shape helps the board flip more naturally in the air during technical flip tricks. Take a look at our massive selection of standard decks and find a deck that suits your style
Choose the Right Skateboard to Buy
Evolve Street Skateboard Deck
Most people will fall into this category. You’re an all-around skater if you enjoy the adrenaline rush of throwing a huge trick off a buddy’s backyard ramp, but just can’t sleep until you’ve nailed that half-cab kickflip you’ve been wrestling with all week. Essentially, you skate transition and street – whatever you can find. All-around riders enjoy the feel and challenge of living life on a skateboard and any terrain is fair game. They also enjoy the freedom of riding whatever style of board they choose.
Recommendation: Start with a standard shaped skateboard that’s versatile and expand your board and hardware preferences as your skills progress
Your size is going to be part of all skating purchase decisions. Regardless of the type of board – long or short – there are certain features that are tuned to address the weight you’ll be putting on it. The width, length and shape of every board is designed to meet the needs of a certain category of rider, body size included, so be aware of the manufacturer’s intentions when purchasing a new skateboard and get the one that suits you the best.
Complete skateboards come with a gripped deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and all necessary hardware. These assembled boards range in price from around $65 to over $125, depending on the quality of the individual components. Larger longboards are a bit more expensive, running anywhere between $100 and $300 for a complete.


Info Source: Tactics


Teen Surfing Camp Costa Rica

Teen Surfing Camp Costa Rica

Registration for the The Evolve Camps teen surfing camp in Costa Rica is open! You can register for the camp HERE.

Gear questions always come up when campers sign up for any of our camps. For some of our programs gear is easy to pack, travel with and bring along. Its not that bringing a surf board to Costa Rica is tough, its just that its costly and purchasing a surf board can also be pricey. We have made it super easy for all campers who are joining the camp by including the surf board for the duration of the program.

Surf Board Sizes
At Evolve Camps Choosing the right surf board is key to good surf progression

Choosing a surf board size and style is important for surfers. Depending on your height, skill level and wave style will determine which surf board to choose. For beginners Evolve Surf Camp always provides long boards which are easier for balance and catching waves. Its a good idea to know about the different surf board types. 



Common Sizes: 5’2″ – 6’4″ long 20″ – 22″ wide Distinguished by its “swallow tail” end, fish surfboards have a wider, rounder nose that is good for small to medium sized waves.


Common Sizes:  5’5″ – 6’4″ long 16″ – 19″ wide The shortboard is the most common style used by advanced and professional surfers as they are designed to maximize speed and maneuverability.


Common Sizes:  6′ long or more Hybrids combine elements from other styles to customize the experience. For example, a heavier surfer might want a performance board with a heavier or wider build.


Common Sizes:  6’6″ – 8′ long 20″ – 22″ wide Funboards are designed for less-experienced surfers who want to have the turning ability of a shortboard and the paddling easy of a longboard.


Common Sizes:  8′ – 9′ long As the name implies, longboards have a greater length as well as a rounder nose, both of which make it harder to maneuver but easier to paddle and catch waves.


Common Sizes:  6′ – 10′ long Ideal for big wave surfing, gun boards have a narrow design that makes it easier to paddle out and control on steeper waves.


Evolve Surf Camp Costa Rica
Evolve Surf Camp Costa Rica

Ski and Snowboard Clips to get you AMPED for CAMP

Ski and Snowboard Clips to Get You AMPED for CAMP

The first weekend of camp hype is building up here at the Evolve Camps headquarters! We’re busy finalizing arrangements in order to make this season the best one yet.

In a few sleeps our campers will be waking up early, getting on the coach bus and heading on their way to Mount St Louis Moonstone. They’ll hit the slopes and improve their ski or snowboard skills from the help of our awesome instructors. We can’t wait for our campers to test out our new promo ski’s and boards from our buds at Lib Tech and Armada.

To get you pumped for the first day of camp we’ve posted a few short clips, check em’ out below!


snowboard clips

If you have any last minute questions, give us a call at 416.619.4521 and we’d be happy to help you out.