Barrie Skiing and Snowboarding with Evolve Snow Camps

Barrie Skiing and Snowboarding with Evolve Snow Camps

Evolve Snow Camps has been catering to the Barrie ski and snowboard community for the last 10 years. We have conveniently set up a new pick up location in Barrie at Bayfield Mall. The exact spot will be released in late Fall, but get ready.

As the season quickly comes to us again, be sure to check out the best ski and snowboard shops the area has to offer. Tell them Evolve Snow Camps sent you over and you will get taken care of properly.

 Ski and Snowboard Shops

Gates and Boards
Gates and Boards Barrie
Located in: North Barrie Plaza
Address: North Barrie Plaza, 580 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M 5A3


Address: 230 Bayview Dr #9, Barrie, ON L4N 4Y8
Corbetts Ski Barrie

Choosing the right Ski and Snowboard Program

Choosing the right Ski and Snowboard Program

As the winter rolls around we cant help to think about what our kids will be doing this coming winter. Choosing the right ski and snowboard program this winter can be a big challenge for many of us. The best way to choose the right program is to look to consider the following items.


The first challenge for choosing the right program is its proximity to home. There are various drop off programs through out the GTA, but the down fall to this is they sell out within minutes of being listed on line. The other issue is that local hills in the GTA do not have the same snow making capabilities as resorts like Mount St.Louis Moonstone.

If none of the local programs in your area work, you might want to look into bussing options like Evolve Snow Camps. Our program offers pick up locations all over the GTA including Markham, Thornhill, Beach, Missisauga, North York, Richmond Hill, King city and more.

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

When choosing the program make sure that the lessons are long enough. Programs that are private are usually 1-2 hours long, which does not give the kids a lot of time on the snow. Look for full day programs. More time on the snow means you will learn more!

ski and snowboard lessons

Rental Program

Some programs offer a ski and snowboard rental program. This is always a good options to consider, however you can also purchase in-expensive ski and snowboard equipment before the season starts.

ski rentals toronto


Look for a program that suits your budget. Before you sign up consider the cost of buying outerwear, safety gear, skis or snowboards, goggles etc.


Winter is coming at Evolve Snow Camps

Winter is coming at Evolve Snow Camps

Although many of us do not want the summer to end, all of us at Evolve Snow Camps are starting to prepare. Last season was awesome, the snow held off and both ski and snowboard programs ran without a hitch. The level of progression at all regular and freestyle ski and snowboard camps was unbelievable.

For 2017 we have a few news things lined up including our new pick up locations in Richmond Hill, Aurora, Toronto Beaches, Thornhill, North York,  East York and King City. We will be announcing the new pickup locations in early September.

Winter Is Coming

The Evolve Snow Camps ASD program will be back in full force. Last year was our first year doing it and cant wait to be back at it.The Evolve ASD ski camp teaches youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder to learn to ski in a safe and supportive environment. The program is designed to be run in a group or individual setting depending on the needs of the skiers.  Our lessons, meals and busing is fully supervised by professional support staff with a focus in dealing with behaviour. The Evolve ASD program is integrated into the main Evolve Snow Camps program at Mount St.Louis Moonstone.

Check out the video from last year:

Keep visiting out website for the latest and up to date news on our ski and snowboard lesson program for Winter 2017.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting important information about the upcoming ski and snowboard season. Look out for:

Toronto Snow Show 2016 – Inside edition

Gear Recommendation for 2016

Coach introductions for 2017

Win a Free Ski and Snowboard Camp session for 2017